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MS1 Q1 Revision Session

No description

Lauren Geary

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of MS1 Q1 Revision Session

Film Trailers Question 1: Analysis How are trailers constructed to attract audiences to the film? WJEC
Textual Analysis Refer to media codes and conventions here Let's have a practice... Let's have a practice... Analyse the trailer for Sherlock Holmes (2010) commenting on:

Narrative Codes
Technical and Visual Codes
Audio Codes Always consider purpose &
effect... Film trailers are an important way in which the film industry markets their product. Their purpose is to raise audience expectations so that they want to go and see the film.

What promises of pleasure can film trailers offer audiences (this may be dependent on genre)? What promises of pleasure does the trailer offer audiences? Before the screening starts, you must also consider...

a. Suggest two different audiences and give brief reasons for your choice.

b. Explore how the trailer attempts to target audiences.
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