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Ancient Hawaiian Tools

ancient hawaiian tools

miranda canniff

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Hawaiian Tools

Ancient Hawaiian Tools Farming Tools The main farming tool was the `o`o.
The `o`o was made of a hard wood.
It was used for loosening up dirt, making taro mounds and many other things. The `o`o Other Sometimes Hawaiians used fire to clear new fields.For harvesting from trees they used a sharp rock attached to a long pole.Hawaiians mainly used the `o`o or their hands. Fishing Tools Fishing Tools (cont.) Stone Tools Stone Tools (cont.) THE END BY:ME

Fishing poles were used for both shore fishing and from boats. Pole fishing started during the reign of King Kamehameha I when it was considered a sport of the ali'i. Bamboo poles were used, usually with braided olona fibres for lines and carved bone and shells for hooks and lures. Schools of fish were located by watching for birds feeding or flocking over the water. Spears To make a spear bone or
stone points would be made
and attached to a wooden
pole.Spear fishing was done
from canoes, the rocks, and
from shore Nets Nets were made from the twisted fibers of the olona plant.Fishermen would paddle offshore in their canoes to set the nets in the water. People would gather the the nets and haul them in. Fishing Poles

Adzes were the Hawaiian equivalent of knives made out of stone. The Hawaiians had no access to metals or ores, so they had to make their knives or adzes out of stone. The stone commonly used for this was basalt. Adzes were made in many different sizes and were used for a wide range of tasks, from making canoes to carving idols.Sometimes Hawaiians attached a hard wood handle to an adz with cord to make an axe. Poi pounders were used to make poi out of the taro stem.The poi pounder resembles a bell. Poi Pounder Mortar and Pestle A mortar is a bowl and a pestle is a
rock for pounding.Mortar and Pestles were used to crush nuts and leaves.They were also used to make dyes and medicines. Adzes
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