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The History of 30 Seconds to Mars

No description

Gianna Velasco

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of The History of 30 Seconds to Mars

30 Seconds to Mars has received several awards, including "Best Rock Video" from MTV for their song "Up in the Air" (found on the album Love Lust Faith+Dreams)

They have won a total of 81 awards, and have been nominated for awards 155 times.
The band began as a collaboration between Shannon and Jared Leto (who played music together as kids) in Los Angeles
They later became a four piece when they added guitarist Solon Bixler and bassist Matt Wachter to the line-up
They played a few concerts under different names before settling on the name "Thirty Seconds to Mars"
Their Albums
The band
Thirty seconds to mars consists of three members: Jared Leto (lead vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards), his brother Shannon Leto (drums, percussion), and lastly, their friend, Tomo Miličević (lead guitar, bass, strings, keyboards, and other instruments).

The History of 30 Seconds to Mars
How their band name came to be
"Thirty Seconds to Mars" was taken from a rare manuscript titled Argus Apocraphex. Jared Leto spoke of the name as "a reference, a rough translation from the book. I think the idea is interesting, it's a metaphor for the future," he explained. "Thirty seconds to Mars—the fact that we're so close to something that's not a tangible idea. Also Mars being the God of War makes it really interesting, as well. You could substitute that in there, but what's important for my brother and I, is that it be imaginative and really represent the sound of our music in as unique a way as possible." He described it as a name that "works on several different levels, a phrase that is lyrical, suggestive, cinematic, and filled with immediacy."
Their lead singer, Jared Leto, wrote most of the band's songs, with occasional help from his brother, Shannon.

FUN FACT: Bjork wrote their song "Hunter", which can be found on the album This is War.
2002- The band released their debut album "30 seconds to mars"
2004- The band released their second album "Beautiful Lie"
2008- The band released their third album "This is War"
2012-Their latest album was released "Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams"
"Closer to the Edge"
by 30 Seconds to Mars
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