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shelda sindi

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Timelines

Shelda's Timeline!
Part C
I can connect to Moses because he started off with a sad miserable life and had many challenges for example having to be hid from outside for several months. Moses did not start off with an easy life but when he was introduced to to god he had hope, joy and faith in his life, god was the happy part in his life, his light. The same thing goes with me, I have many challenges in my life and i still am having them for example : My family members dying, my friends moving away or even my pet dying. But through all my hard times God brought me to light he showed me to stay happy and positive and to always trust in him.
I have here a picture that kind of relates to my answer in part C!
1. Moses was born from a Levine women, who hid Moses for 3 months, she loved Moses dearly .
Explanation !
1. I was born by my loving mother, it was a miracle that god gave my parents me. Me along with my siblings truly made us a happier famliy.
Moses Timelines
Timelines :)
6. One day Moses saw an egyptian beating a Hebrew, so he killed him and hid him in the sand. Moses did this because he was not happy with the way the egyptians were treating the Hebrews. Moses felt that he needed to do something so Moses killed him.
6. When my baby sister was born she brought light, happiness, joy and hope into my life. It was also my job to teach her gods way and how he will always be there for her.
1. Moses was born.

2. His
gave him away
Princess found him.
4. His mother took care of him
5. He was sent back to princess.
6. He witnessed an egyptian get killed.
7. Moses runs away.
8.Moses witnesses God.
9. He returns to Egypt.
2. The mother of Moses could no longer keep him in hiding even though, she loved Moses but she had no other choice she put him in a river and trusted that god would keep Moses safe on his journey to safety and god did just that, Moses was safe!
3. The daughter of pharaoh found Moses in the river, but she knew she couldn't take care of him so, she made a plan.
4. In Luck Moses mother was his care keeper. For many years, the mother of Moses took care of Moses until he grew up to be a man and then was sent back to Pharaoh daughter.
5. When Moses returned to Pharaohs daughter he lived there and became a prince he had lots of power but that meant the pharaoh found him as competition.
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7. When Pharaoh found out what Moses had done he planned to kill him, Moses was terrified (who wouldn't be ?) Moses felt the only way he could be safe was to go to Midian.
8. Moses was walking along and he saw a burning bush, he then witnessed God. God told him he had to save the hebrews, Moses had to trust God during his quest, And he had faith that god would help him in his easy times and his hard times. He also needed hope that he could complete the mission.
1. I was born, May 3 2001.
2. Baptism, May 14 2002.
3. My brother was born, Jan 20 2007.
4. My first day of school, Sept. 6, 2008
5. My first communion, May 3 2009
6. My sister was born, August 21, 2012.
7. My confirmation, Nov 17 2013
2. I was baptized in the house of god, this was special moment for me because i gave my life to god and was beginning the christian faith.
3. When my brother was born, this was a very special moment in my life because i had the responability to take care of my new brother.
4. This was a good time for me because i was joining my new 2nd home, school was a good way for me to make friends and learn more about god.,
5. My first communion was a memorable time in my life because I was able to comittee my love for god and receive the body of Christ also during that time I trusted that God would be with me.
7. My confirmation was very special time for me because I finally became an adult in the church, I was happy because I knew that God was with me and he would stay with me forever
Some diffrences with me and Moses are that In Moses's life he had horrible times life threatening even. But in my life the challenges that i faced were minor for example getting sick. Also moses witnessed god during his life, but I have not yet. Other than those my life was quite simular to moses.
Part C
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