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Cyber Safety

Inform students of the dangers of Internet use to prepare them to be safe digital citizens. Tags privacy, cyberbullying, social networking, Internet predators, sexting, etc.

Diva Diva

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety
Online Relationships
Keep Personal Information Private
Protect Your Reputation
Cyber Bullying
Safety Tips
Online Relationships
You may not know the truth about someone you meet online.
Time does not equal trust or knowing the person.
You can be lied to or betrayed.
David Fagan, 18 yr old
(from the Christian chatroom)
the "REAL" David
47 yr old, David Fuller
Predators will use information obtained from you to gain trust and friendship (e.g. her mother's death).
Unless you know someone in person, you don't really know who they are on the Internet (e.g. predator portrayed himself as an18 yr old.).
Anyone is vurnerable (e.g. father was a police officer; lived in a small town).
Warning Signs
If someone tries to isolate you from your family or friends.
Turn you against your parents.
Make you keep secrets.
Send/talk about inappropriate or explicit materials or subjects.
Threatens you.
Don't Believe the Promises
Beware when someone says...
"Let's go private."
"Where's your computer in the house?"
"I know someone who can get you a modeling job."
"Who your favorite artist? designer? gear?
"You seem sad; tell me what's bothering you."
"You are the love of my life."
"What's your phone number?"
"If you don't ...do what I ask, I'll ... tell your parents OR share your photos in a photo blog/ Webcam directory/ file-sharing network."
Who can be a victim?
Never Meet With Someone in Real Life Who You First Met Online.
You don't know for sure if people really are who they say they are.
Always discuss with your parents.
Everyone Knows Your Name
Now Let's See What You Can Pick Out?
Be Safe Online!
Kasey Renee Woody was vunerable to online predators and her father was a police officer.
Danielle Williams
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