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My Science Fair Project

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my name is............

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of My Science Fair Project

Have you ever wanted to know if it is true that when a water bottle gets heated the water inside gets poisoned. have you ever wondered if it is true that you can get cancer when you drink poisoned water. Well now you can because that is what our experiment will be about.

Does the different quantities of a plastic water bottle degrade faster in different places? Some Things that we will study are things like Plastic, Chemical reactions, Degradation and recycling. This will help us understand the most about are water bottle degradation.

Problem statement:
The Fiji water bottle placed in a warm environment will degrade faster, thus making the highest levels of BPA.

Science Fair Project
Water bottles

By Noah Davis & Nolan Kruger
Different water bottles
Water Filter
Kit for Measuring Poisoning
Plastic Decomposition

1. Get 5 different store bought water bottle
2. test them first
3. put in one of the locations that is on the data table
4. wait the week.
5. test each of the water bottle using the kit to tell how much BPA residue is in the bottle. After being heated in the sun.

Our hypothesis is that a Fiji water bottle placed in a warm environment will degrade faster, thus making the highest levels of BPA. Our hypothesis is incorrect because Refresh was the worst, and Voss was the best leaving Fiji in third. The error is that we thought that the Fiji water has a thick plastic for the most biodegradation possible. If we did this project again, I would order several kits of BPA detection. Hopefully now you will think twice about drinking water out of a store bought plastic bottle no matter what they say.

The water bottle BPA level in the water bottle is quite puzzling. The different water bottles used are the: refreshe, Fiji, Voss, dasani, arrowhead. We only had one trail of environment and 5 different water bottles to use and leave it there for a week. Refresh is the worst arrowhead is second worst fiji is third best, Dasani is second best, and voss is best.
The pictures show results. It’s hard to tell the difference but the graph shows it.
Genesis 1:9
And God said, “Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear.” And it was so.
Bible Verse.
Thank you for listening to this prezi on water bottles!
Data Table
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