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Why 5th Grade Wasn't as Fun as I Thought it Would Be

This is a prezi about why 5th grade wasn't much fun at all.

Ella Bronaugh

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of Why 5th Grade Wasn't as Fun as I Thought it Would Be

These are some reasons I pretty much didn't like 5th grade... First of all... the teachers I'm not saying they're bad at all... I'm saying that we had WAAAAAAYYYYYY TO MANY I guess you could say that other wise... But... Iguess you could say they were pretty fun... Like Mrs. Obrien... she was sooooo outgoing her class was the best place to joke around in without feeling tooo nervise... And of course Mrs. Person almost never got angry at us And she tried her best to give us... But FOUR!!! chances to fix our grades All the teachers were great... Even though some of them went ran away... never to return It will be hard to forget these teachers... Not one... or two Or three... Next, the endless work... You know the homework could have been at least due every Friday like in 4th grade... Also, there was a lot of stress trying to complete my endless work... Like you'll be learning about sound waves and then all the sudden you're learning about light waves the week of the sol's!!! But there were some other things about the 5th grade work I didn't mind much... uhhh.. i can't really think about it right now... but i might later... another bad thing about work is that sometimes it gets you in trouble... Like your homework can make you: .sit on the wall during recess
.or make you have silent lunch .sometimes make you really upset if you usually have your homework
.it can even make you FREAK OUT!!!!! but another good thing about the teachers was that if you don't have your homework and you usually do... they will let it slide... that's all I can think of about the work we get in 5th grade.... but guess what!!!!!! It will be much MUCH worse when we get to middle school... But that's ok... because I'm a smart kid... Also, P.E... The only thing great about was when We got to play OUTSIDE we even had to against OTHER CLASSES!! I'm no good at those sports!!! The only thing good about it was that I had talented music while I was supposed to be doing P.E. Also... while I was in P.E... I had yo sit out because of my... BROKEN ARM Which brings me to my next point... do basketball and soccer tornaments My broken Arm... MY BROKen arm wasn't fun... First I ripped of my tricept Then...I pull a peice of my bone of along with it... I had to get surgery.. I had to have physical theripy... It made gymnastics even harder for me... I had to have two casts... the only things good about my arm was... .I got a lot of sympathy .I didn't have to do P.E. And I got a cool story snd scar to show and tell Now I guess it's time for me to mention the good things... Friends... Meeting my new friends was one of the best parts... I met many new friends like Morgan and Alexis Also... I had tons of fun with old friends like Karlie, Riane, and Corinna I even made a scrapbook to remeber the things that happened to us at 5th grade... The Dances... Oh... the dances were... HORRIBLE!!!! All they do for dances are activities with music on... And you havee to pay like $2 to get in!!! You're also not allowed to jump, skip, talk loudly... everything you would do at a regular dance... Let's move on to the next subject... I'd have to say... my friends were the best part about 5th grade... Last but not least,
the other teachers I had talented music, art, and quest... and those were the things that kept me alive in 5th grade Mrs.Placincia was funny, nice, and forgiving
and there couldn't have been a better quest teacher... Mr.Lane was creative and alwase made us laugh... perfect for a talented art techer And Mrs. web was never really strict and always was smiling and kept our music going... It wouldn't have been an awesome 5th grade without them... 5th grade would have been dull without my teachers and friends... but everything else wasn't as great... So we could stick with... 5th grade wasn't much fun.
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