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No description

David Guerra

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of gamification

of Gamification Engaging Library Users
through Gamification By David Guerra What is Gamification? Gamify Your Library Gamification Walt Disney Parks
& Resorts Online philosophie LLC South Pasadena Library Covina Public Library UCLA Biomedical Library Pasadena Public Library The Issue Works Cited

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icons from the THeNounProject.com Libraries need to be more vigilant at engaging their users in both digital and physical environments. What is Gamification? Meaning Gamification can be defined as the process of applying game mechanics to non-gaming systems with the purpose of engaging users, solving problems and influencing behavior (Deterding). Progression Autonomy - Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do, and Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do. - Mark Twain Nike Fuelband Foldit Mint Augmented Reality Web Physical Spaces Fines Way finding Experiences Badges
Achievements Points Autonomy Elements of
gamification but must also have... and...
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