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Access Track Mapping

Overview of the Access Track Mapping project

Nigel Walsh

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Access Track Mapping

11/2012 Asset Track Mapping The Team So what next? o Wayne Youngman – National Lines Manager

o Raewyn Moss – Business Owner

o Peter Scott – Project Owner

o Wayne Bird – Geospatial Manager

o Andy Landy – Project Manager

o Nigel Walsh – Business Analyst "Established to acquire accurate access information to be used by Transpower and our service provider personnel to facilitate access to Transpower assets on landowner’s properties"

"The information, including tracks, bridges, culverts, will be collected digitally, will be loaded into Transpower’s AssetMap geospatial system and logged as Device Positions into MMS/MAXIMO." What is it About? A Proof of Concept Was carried out with a Tablet PC What have we done? Split The Project Proposal going forward: Review Vendor Submissions
Complete Business Case 3
Get approval
Complete Detail requirements
Test &
Implement the Solution Pro's Successfully tested
Cached Imagery
Looks and feels like Asset Map
Able to collect data:
POI's Con's Tablet was too large & bulky
Data capture was laborious
too much typing
not enough pick lists
Overly complicated User Interface Hand-held Device Tablet PC Phase 1
Used to capture Tracks &
Small Device
Just Topography
Customised (SIMPLE) input
Easy Synchronise Phase 2
Used to review Tracks &
POI's with Landowners
Map imagery
Edit Geographic Data Any Questions? Name Role
Andy Landy Project Manager and ex Lineman
Chris Blazkow GeoSystems
Mark Peacy DOC (GIS guy)
David Thornburrow NZPost - Data Solutions Architect
Desiree Wehrle Vodafone - Vodafone Site Acquisition Manager
Tracey Mauchlen & Tom Nation Wellington City Council
Nick Page Well. Regional Council – Senior GIS Analyst
Jason Butler Northpower
Glen Foster Electronet
Jimmy Cormack
Andrew Leask Electrix
George Hudson Transfield
Karl Formo Electrix
Alan Thompson Electrix
Myles Stichman Transfield Services
Animal Health Board
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