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Science Fair- 2011

No description

Emily Burdick

on 15 November 2011

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Transcript of Science Fair- 2011

GLOWSTICKS! Does the temperature of a glow stick
affect how long it glows? PURPOSE: HYPOTHESIS: If glow sticks are placed in all different water temperatures the one in the highest water temperature will stop glowing the fastest. ABSTRACT: VARIABLES: MATERIALS: PROCEDURES: CONCLUSION: Independant-different water temperature
Dependant-Avg. length of time the glow stick will glow
Control- size of jars, amount of water in jars, types of glow sticks -5 jars
-1500ml purified water
-A measuring cup
-25 glow sticks
-A stopwatch
-stovetop burner
-5 thermometers
-A bag of ice
-pot to boil water in 1.Label the five jars “5°C”, “15°C”, “25°C”, “35°C” and “45°C”
2.Using the measuring cup, pour 300ml of purified water into each jar, along with the water put a thermometer in each
3.The required amount of ice is added into the 1st and 2nd jars to maintain their temperatures at 5°C and 15°C.
4.The temperature of the 3rd jar will be maintained at 25°C (room temperature)
5.The 4th and 5th jar’s water is boiled and brought to 35°C and 45°C.
6.The 25 glow sticks are snapped and 5 of them are placed in each jar.
7.switch off lights in the room and start the stopwatch
8.The time taken for the light in the glow sticks to be extinguished is observed It has been concluded, that the test results did support the hypothesis. It was hypothesized that the glow sticks in the warmer water would last the least amount of time, and they did. Even though the ones in the colder water were dimmer they lasted the longest. The glowing times seemed to stay at somewhat of a constant rate until the 5’C water, then it shot up.
This experiment was done during the end of October. The experiment only took one day because multiple glow sticks were tested at once. Some things that could affect the experiment was during the time the glow sticks were glowing, the water could have gotten warmer, or cooled down. Another thing could be the glow sticks not being broken all the way to begin with.
This information would be useful to deep sea divers, because they use it to see better down in the dark waters, and caves. It would also be useful for parents of children who go trick or treating on Halloween, so they could see after dark. 5°C & 15°C 25°C 35°C & 45°C Emily Burdick
7th period TABLE:
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