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Mariana Moura

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Ecoturism

Minimize Impact, Build Awareness & Respect What is Ecotourism? Negative and Positive Impacts Criticisms of Ecotourism Benefits and Functions of Ecotourism USAID An ecotour is a small, individually guided tour that takes into consideration conservation and preservation issues.

The Quebec Declaration on Ecotourism - created at the UN International Year of Ecotourism meetings Ecotourism industry has become very popular.

Provides tourists with that one of a kind experience. However, there have been both positive and negative effects.

You Can Experience a New Way of Life;
You Learn How to Live Environmentally Friendly;
It Benefits the Local Economy.

It Destroys Nature;
You Are Destroying a Way of Life. WTO says that is the fastest growing sector of the Tourism Industry.

Ecotourism has often been touted as the cure for the enormous Tourism Industry and the environmental and cultural damage.

Ecotourism is nature travel. Encompasses all aspects of life: wildlife, plants, biodiversity, sustainable economies, conservation, environment, culture, heritage, society, and human beings.
- Recognizes humans as being part of the ecosystem. It affects how tour operators, environmentalists and conservationists, and tourists interact with the host destination.

Tourism Culture.

15 years - the mass tourism industry is failing, from both an environmental and cultural point of view.
- Degradation of sea shores, coral reefs, forests, and other environments is evident from pollution, overcrowding of humans, coral reef destruction.
Paradise, while not yet lost, is losing. • Offers employment and income to the local population
• Makes possible the financing for the purchase and improvement of natural or protected areas, attracting more ecotourists in the future;
• Offers environmental education to the visitors
• Encourages the improvement of the environmental and patrimonial preservation ECOTOURISM Functions How can you help the local population trough Ecotourism? • To provide trips or travels in the countryside.
• To offer a different concept of holydays.
• To provide the opportunity of being in touch with Nature and with the cultural and social values. Ecotourism: how to help the communities economy. Business can play by the rules of Ecotourism. Examples of Ecotourism Contributes actively to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage;Includes local and indigenous communities in its planning, development and operation, and contributing to their well-being;Interprets the natural and cultural heritage of the destination to visitors;Lends itself better to independent travelers, as well as to organized tours for small size groups. Principles of ecotourism established by The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) Conclusion Ecotourism is a unique endeavor that altered conservation efforts in numerous ways. The idea of fusing conservation and ecotourism aims for benefits for all stakeholders, however as revealed above, in order for this to be effective concrete values, regulation systems, economic plans, and evaluation of biological effects must be established and maintained.
Ecotourism is an innovative approach to sustainable and profitable conservation and hopefully with further research and refinement ecotourism will grow in success. Who are they?

What they do?
Agriculture and Food Security
Economic Growth and Trade
Environment and Global Climate Change
Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment
Global Health
Science, Technology & Innovation
Water and Sanitation
Working in Crises and Conflict Where they work? Volunteering Holidays
Wilderness Adventures
Wildlife Viewing
Personal Growth Trips
Others André Ferreira 6823
Gonçalo Empis 6807
Mariana Moura 6651
Mário Fernandes 6824
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