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International Perspectives of Sport and Volunteering

No description

Orsolya Tolnay

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of International Perspectives of Sport and Volunteering

International Perspectives of Sport and Volunteering
The voice of voluntary sports organisations in Europe
Basic facts on volunteering and sport in Europe
ENGSO and its activities in the field of volunteering
ENGSO Youth: a successful international volunteer-based youth programme
Sport and volunteering
Basic facts on sport and volunteering in Europe
Promotes interaction and exchange best practices
Encourages debate and reflection on current international sport matters
Raises awareness and equips members with tools
Answers to common challenges through projects
Supports youth in sport
Actively advocates and influences the European sports political agenda
An attractive information network for exchange of knowledge and experience
Defends the general interest of the voluntary sports movement
Advocates for the role of sport in Europe to European policy makers
Orsolya Tolnay
European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation ENGSO

EOC EU Office
52, Avenue de Cortenbergh
B-1000 Bruxelles, Belgium


European Year of Volunteering 2011
Supports youth in sport
Advocacy and interest representation in the field of volunteering
Position Paper on Volunteering 2011
ENGSO was the only sports organisation in the Steering Group of the European Year of Volunteering 2011 Alliance
It covers obstacles and solutions for better volunteering
e.g.#1: calls for ensuring the development and recognition of skills and competences of volunteers
e.g.#2: call for ensuring the sustainable financing of voluntary sports organisations
Copenhagen: Project Group "ENGSO Youth Sport Policy"
Prague: Proposal for
Guidelines for Children and Youth Sport
Reykjavik: Guidelines adopted,
Working Group on Youth in European Sport was set up
Bratislava: ENGSO Statutes amendments
Guidelines for Children and Youth Sport
Recommendation 1: Links between sports organisations and school systems
Recommendation 6: The social possibilities of sport
Recommendation 9: Right of co-determination for children and young people
Recommendation 10: Developing of responsibility and leadership
The sports organisation as an arena in which everyone is included
Opportunity to participate in the planning and decision-making
Urge to take co-responsibility both in planning and execution of activities
Have the possibility to elect their own group of people
Sport is the biggest sector in volunteering in Europe
7% of EU citizens engage in volunteering to support sporting activities (=35 million people)
Majority of European volunteers (24%) are engaged in voluntary work in a sports club
Special Eurobarometer 412 Sport and Physical Activity (2014)
Special Eurobarometer 75.2 Volunteering and Intergenerational Solidarity (2011)
Sport is the greatest civil movement in Europe
41% of Europeans exercise or play sport regularly
12% are members of a sports club (=60 million people)
Special Eurobarometer 412 Sport and Physical Activity (2014)
Special Eurobarometer 412 Sport and Physical Activity (2014)
8% 5x/week or more
33% 1-4x/week
Values and Principles
Education through sport
Co-determination, democratic participation and inclusion
Equal access to health and well-being
Provide support, advice and guidance for members who want to establish their on youth structure
Work in partnership with the European Union, the Council of Europe and other European organisations to represent the voice of youth sport
Provide up to date communications and good practice to all member organisations
Youth Assembly
Youth Committee
decision-making body
meets every two years
first Assembly by means of special youth conference
consist of 9 elected members
all members are under 35
delegated by their national sports umbrella organisations
Training tools
Study sessions
Support and information
HSCS - Healthy Children in Sound Communities
EADIn - European Anti-Doping Initiative
Prevention of sexualized violence in sports
ARCTOS - stand up against discrimination in sports
Yough can open doors to all abilities through sport
Youth sport speaks out on TabooPhobia
European youth and sport forum
Mobilizing youth through sports and technology
"Physical education and activities in schools"
27-29 October 2014

on a boat between Stockholm and Helsinki
Young Delegate Database
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