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Thesis Presentation

The Argentinean soy industry and a global value chain analysis.

Katie McMillan

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Thesis Presentation

Travels of a Bean:
A Dual Global Value Chain Analysis of the Argentine Soybean Industry Study abroad What led to my investigation: My interest in international business My main argument: There are two parallel but separate global value chains of soybeans, one is consumer driven and is based in conventionally grown soy and the other is producer driven and follows the increasingly dominant genetically modified soy. So what? Since the introduction of genetically modified soy, small landowning farmers in Argentina are unable to continue in their traditional farming practices due to the increase in costs of inputs and competition presented by larger farmers. Theories: Ricardian Model Global Value Chain Theory Evidence Findings GMO Soy Non-GMO Soy Implications:
Influx of genetically modified soy provided by MNCs Technological advances are too expensive Farmers are unable to keep their land Health implications of Roundup Health implications of labeling Thank goodness I don't have to worry anymore! But, I also wonder... Organic farming? Will there only be genetically modified soy in the future? Will one company eventually take over all soy processing? Trade research between the European Union and Argentina Example of the leather industry Interviews with Argentinean farmers Katie McMillan
April 22nd, 2010
IPE401 Peine
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