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50 Ways to Leave Your Indecision

Ideate on problem statement

Ann Dickinson

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of 50 Ways to Leave Your Indecision

50 Ways to Leave Your Indecision
Joe has a problem:
needs a way to
Wacky Ideas
Create a "Wheel of Fortune" with your career choices and spin it
Assess his skills & focus his passion
He doesn't know how to make a career choice.
Here are some ideas for Joe:
Who can help?
Create a survey

Make a list of your favorite choices and prioritize
Make something and try to sell it to strangers on the street
during each work-related activity to help
Go to guidance office to explore grad school options
Drag your feet so you don't graduate on time and use that period for other internships & classes to narrow your focus.
Write a compelling resume geared specifically toward each of your top three choices- send it out
Travel around the world for a year, observing & talking to people in different careers
and report on the characters' careers: would you be a good blacksmith, for instance?
Make a decision tree for each possible choice
Leave your current internship & apply for a different one
Pick your three favorite areas and take a course in each
Go to a jobs fair
Look at case studies of businesses
Apply to a different grad school for each area that interests you- go to the one that offers you the most financial aid
Write all your possible choices on slips of paper & have a monkey pick one out of a hat
Let your mother or father decide for you
"Take yourself to work" day- shadow others in their jobs
Find a mentor
Career guidance counselor at your college
Hire a professional career guidance specialist
Ask your professor for advice
Talk to alumni: tap into alumni network
Advice & Networking
Your family- ask them for advice & benefit from their experience
Pay a company to let you work in different positions for a year
Interview strangers on the street about their jobs (not so wacky)
Start your own company
Read the Classified ads & pick out the job with the most positions open
Consult a psychologist to get at the roots of your indecision
Study the most-needed occupations related to infrastructure and food production in case things crumble
Become a "housewife" for a year and learn the following: chauffeur, laundry, childcare, arts & crafts, writing skills, accounting, janitorial, interior design, nursing, telephone/people skills, plumbing, space organizing, automotive care, gardening, home repair, food purchase, prep & storage
Consult a psychic
Start college all over again and pursue your favorite subject without regard to career choice
and in your dreams ask yourself what you should do; you may already know the answer
in the mirror: what do you think you're best at & what do you enjoy the most?
Buy a company & run it
Consult your spiritual advisor
Check out the stats on what occupations will be most in demand in five or ten years
Join the Peace Corps- hone skills & learn a language
Enlist in the military
Become a monk
Read "What Color is Your Parachute?"
Take a career aptitude test
Join Teach for America
Run for public office
Apprentice in a trade
Sign up for Mars mission
Talk to your current employer
Talk to your sixth grade teacher
If you played a sport in high school, talk to your coach
(With a few extras)

Engage in role play with your friends
Become a child again:
Spend one day lying on your back, the next crawling, etc. You will "grow up" in three weeks!
Start a lemonade stand
This working college senior
Go to Las Vegas and put it all on "Red"
Read some novels
Learn lucid dreaming
Keep a journal of your feelings
identify your true passion
Interview yourself
until they remind you of a career choice
Look at cloud shapes
Launch a Kickstarter campaign
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