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We are travel agents giving people tours around Paris, France. We hope that you have a great time!!! :D

Jessica Orth

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of TRAVEL AGENT!!!

By: Jessica Orth, Brandon Beaver, Jadin Brown The Great City of Paris We chose this city because it is a city of romance. It is big and beautiful. It has a lot of culture that we are very fascinated with and love learning about. Paris and Its Many Qualities Paris came to be a real city in 7th century B.C.
The Romans were the first settlers in Paris.
England were the second to settle ofter they took over by force.
Paris was in full swing with tourists in the 16th century.
Charles De Gaulle was a very important person to the becoming of Paris. History Of Paris 2/3 of Paris are hills and mountains
Most of Paris also has a beautiful mediterranean coast
The Eiffel Tower is one of Paris's greatest landmarks
Spain (where Paris is located) is the 2nd largest country in Europe
The space of Paris 212,935 square miles. Geography Of Paris shop
take boat rides
take carrige rides
bike rides through the streets
tours of great monuments
visit the Pompidou Centre
museums 10 Things To Do In The City Musee du Louvre
Eiffel Tower
Musee d' Orsay
Notre Dame Cathedral
Arce de Triomphe 5 Attractions french is the main language
Mont-Blanc is the highest peak in Spain
Crayola is a french word
it is illegal to kiss on railways
only 34% of Spainards speak English Interesting Facts About Paris Music in the gardens all around Spain
The Famous France Festival is coming up soon 2 Current Events The Amazing Paris Pictures of Paris Pictures Musee d'orsay Eiffel Tower More amazing Pictures of Paris Pictures Pictures Mostly Mediterrenean Coast Pictures French Language English Language lonely planet.com
fodors.com Bibliography Ocean view tropical fish flounder goldie Paris Flag Map of France Churros Musee du Louvre White chocolate French Man Boat Music in the Garden France Festival NO Kissing Mont-Blanc Crayola Notre Dame Cathedral Arce de Triomphe Musee d'Orsay fishing carriage bike Hills and Mountains Charles De Gaulle eiffel tower
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