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Adva Interview Presentation

No description

Jane Norbury

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Adva Interview Presentation

Global Accounts Initiative
Program Details January 2013
Prepared for Interview Presentation Global Accounts Initiative
Program Details 1st February 2013
Prepared for Interview Presentation
by Jane Norbury Pre-defined team roles
Assign Stage Team Leaders
Identify Content from tracked views
SaaS Technology for Communication Organisation, Structure (Roles) & Processes Thank you GLOBAL ACCOUNT
Sales Teams Cultural
Time Zones
Trust ... challenges for ADVA How does ADVA compete
collectively? Customers need providers with a global understanding

Today ADVA competes individually as single regions Communication
Sales Content ... Team Challenges flatten team org structure
speed-up Communications
be a coach & encourage
select team members based on their strengths
define motivators/incentives ... Management Challenges ... challenges for the GVST Sales & Marketing Strategic Framework Build on the Trust Triangle
Begin to Develop trusting relationship with client
Best KAM for this job, temp Team Leader
Identify New Team Leader further along the phase for experience
Global Accounts Sales Framework Global Sales Framework Kick-Off Phase Sales Methodology Sales Methodology Phase Build on the Trust Triangle Processes Build Cars, a successful Sales Methodology sells products http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001UIiGlqGNH06GqhUsfb4AVQc2WaKtx3KvS4xpaF6FYzllKqO8eBz1m1dfPxMt908ap9N9GcMe8YNMIXcwF5S6tU-PR01881oFjHx7nL7xuudOSW3lakaqU461GshxAPzhrWcgwXCHjdlGYFfsh6pAVASfcw27NQP-iWwOoQ3G9rzYCRmz-5Z_RoiaXgO-pP1tt70yplzeAEjP7ce6utHXDg== ... and just 3 minutes of you time to finish
followed by Q&As ASSESS DEVELOP CREATE TRAIN Thank you
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