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Naiku: Engage + Empower Prezi for CESA 6

Next Generation Assessment. Formative Assessment. Student Reflection. Teacher Collaboration

Adisack Nhouyvanisvong

on 18 August 2011

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Transcript of Naiku: Engage + Empower Prezi for CESA 6

What if... Earth's seasons are caused by the planets

A. tilt on its axis.
B. distance from the Sun.
C. speed of rotation on its axis.
D. speed of revolution around the Sun. Engage students Engage me! Student Benefits:
Engaged testing
Immediate results
Develop metacognitive skills
Motivated learning
Increase self-confidence Formative Assessment What determines the gravitational pull on an object on the surface of the Moon?

A. the surface features of the Moon
B. the mass of the Moon
C. the rotational speed of the Moon
D. the distance of the Moon from Earth What effect does gravity have on a person living on Earth?

A. It causes a person to have mass.
B. It causes a person to have weight.
C. It causes a heavy person to fall faster than a light person.
D. It causes a heavy person to fall slower than a light person. Confidence
Rating Errors
Made Strategies
Used "I know and understand
this concept." "I made a simple mistake. I multiplied when I should have divided" "I will spend more time on homework." "I am sure my answer is correct." A process -- not an assessment More than a cognitive exercise

Metacognition, motivation, and self-esteem play a big role In a survey of 180 students:

87% said they “like being able to reflect on answers immediately after the exam.”

41% said they are “more motivated to take exams when they are delivered on Naiku.”

20% said “taking exams on Naiku has made me a better student.” Naiku makes a difference Empower me! What if... Collaborate with Peers Personalize Instruction Quickly Diagnose Connect Collaborate Change Adapt
Individualize Colleagues School District World Teacher Benefits:
Efficient assessment
Professional collaboration
Truly formative assessment
Reflect on own instruction
Personalized instruction School Benefits:
Cost savings
District-wide item bank
Common assessments
School reports
District reports "Naiku saves us time. It allows me to examine the validity and reliability of my assessments. For my students, testing is now more personal and individualized."
- Todd Beach, Ed.D, Teacher
Apple Valley, MN "Naiku has created a unique and valuable teacher-friendly tool to assist educators."
- Jane Berenz, Superintendent
Rosemount, MN (4th largest district in MN) "Sharing and collaboration is the main goal of our PLCs. To see how Naiku readily fits into our work is exciting."
- Dan Hoverman, Superintendent
Moundsview, MN Engage + Empower + Sound Familiar? Next Generation Schools "Change will not come all at once." "Courage to take the first step." "Will you join us?" A CESA 6 Initiative Mission Statement CESA 6 creates dynamic solutions to inspire student learning through innovative and cost-effective educational services.
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