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Unicef T.A.B Medical

No description

Tommy Knox

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Unicef T.A.B Medical

Group Members
Tommy K.
Skyler W.
Aidan C.
Bodie P.
Our final project was to raise $500 to donate to UNICEF. UNICEF is a foundation that sends medical attention, and needs to children all around the world that need it. Here is a video clip that shows you a little bit about what UNICEF does for the world.
Why Did We Chose Our Topic???
Our Goal
Our Community
T.A.B Medical

Funding UNICEF

Our goal was to get $500. We almost got our goal by setting up bake sales, and more fundraisers but the last fundraiser did not go well so we lost about $30
Our project did not affect our community.

How Our Project Affected Us.
Some of our obastacles were, not knowing what fundraisers to do, not having the right equipment, not knowing who to call to advertise.
What We Learned
Information That We Would Like To Know!!!
Our group would like to know where exactly our money is being sent and how its being used.
We learned that kids around the world is dieing from disease's that can easly be cured. Our money can help kids can grow up and live happy healthy life.
If our group were to give advice we would tell fellow students to stay more organize there time.
As we reflect on our work and how we accomplished it we realize what we would do next time.
People That Made This Happen!!!
The people that helped raise this money was Hank's, The Community Center, Red Apple,
Organized Our Bake Sale
Bake Sale at Hanks
Plan on what to do next
Plan for candy raffle
Set up candy raffle at the Red Apple
Plan for movie night
Set up movie night at the community center
Plan for another movie night
Set up movie night at the community center
Decide on our topic.
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