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M3 = Success

No description

James Preston

on 7 August 2017

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Transcript of M3 = Success

M3 = Success @ WHC Lemoore
Day 1- Successful Math Students!
Best Practices for Math

Day 2- Teamwork and Note-Taking!

Day 3- Using Your Resources!

Khan Academy
Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)
Supplemental Instruction (SI)

M3 = Success Daily Schedule
o 8:45-9:00 - Welcome/What Do You Know
o 9:00-9:55 - Time Management
o 10:00-10:55 - Session 1
o 11:00-11:55 - Session 2
o Noon-12:55 - Lunch & Minutes Segment
o 1:00-1:55 - Session 3
o 2:00-2:55- Session 4
o 3:00-3:15- Wrap Up

Day 1: Financial Aid 101
Financial Aid Portal Training

Day 2: Scholarships
WHC Lemoore Scholarships
Needs vs Wants
Learning How To Budget
Day 3: ???
Needs vs Wants
Learning How to Budget

Day 1: Values, Goals and Prioritize!

Day 2: Planning and Procrastination!

278-Janessa Taylor/Airy Macias (Money)
231-Shawn Jackson (Math)
230-Jay Thomas/Mike Chamberlain (Math)
209-Mike Jones-EECU

Your X is Gone...We Don't Care Y!

Successful Math Student
My Math Lab
Day 1- Canvas and My Math Lab Intro!

Day 2- My Math Lab Homework Tool

Day 3- My Math Lab- Exams, Quizzes, and Gradebook

#m3=success @ whclemoore

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