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Get Real Time Management & Prioritization in College WEB

Learn what factors students indicate have been most important for their success 1st semester, how their time is lost, ways to manage their time, and prioritize what's most important in college.

Keith Allen

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Get Real Time Management & Prioritization in College WEB

Begin with
"the End"
in Mind

Think: Big
Think: Many

prioritize your "to-do's"
execute, review, and adjust
"get real" time management for college students:
brought to you by:
Academic Enhancement Satellite Office
Keith Allen
Academic Specialist
Satellite Office, Brumby Hall Rotunda
office: 706-583-0403
email: khallen@uga.edu
Visualize / Realize...
get crystal-clear clarity:

What does the end of these 4 years look like?
What does it feel like to have
finished well
What kind of office / work environment will be my reality?
What about my colleagues?
What are they like?
What are my preferences?
What about my work/career?
Write down 100 things you want to do before you die
at all scales(s)
then do some "fly-overs"
big, hairy, audacious, goals
Collins, J., (2001)
strive to maintain an accurate perspective
Step 1:
Step 2
steps toward
managing your time
in college
Step 3
a: urgent & important
b: important, yet not urgent
c: urgent, yet not important
d: not urgent or important
Urgent / not Urgent

Important :

not Important :
looming assignment deadlines
cramming for exams
last minute preparations
preview/reading before class
reviewing notes between classes
planned study
exercise & health
planning & goal-setting
some emails, texts, & phone calls
most interruptions
popular activities & events
some meetings
trivia & twitter
some phone calls
excessive internet / tv
facebook updates
time wasters
to-do lists
Priority Matrix
**for optimum performance, make decisions that keep you working in Area II as much as possible
Academic Counseling
Early Alert
What hindered your academic performance most?
In what areas would you make changes to improve your classroom performance?
What segments of time are most difficult for you to manage??
If it only takes 10 seconds to get back to what you were doing before checking your status (or "in-box" icon), how much time will this add up to over your 1st semester at UGA?
Which of the following areas do you think will be most important for your success this semester?
If you tend to check your facebook status, text, or email inbox every 5-10 minutes throughout a typical day, how many times per semester?
going to class
managing my time
getting help when I need it
What is time management?
why do we need to manage our time?
why time management in college?
what are the benefits?
Pros: enjoy these benefits:
Create margin / balance in your personal life
Allows you to say "yes" to the "best"
Identify & Understand your personal priorities
GREAT PRACTICE for your Professional Life
what about the freedom of college life?
Collegiate time-management
In what areas do they need help?
What concerns you most about managing your time in college?
the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.
A. I’ve never had to manage my time before.
B. Not knowing how much study time is required.
C. Over-commitment to extra-curricular activities.
D. Dealing with distractions.
E. Having the right time-management structure in place.
F. Procrastination and falling behind.
A. small segments: 2-3 hours within the day
B. work and play each 24-hour day
C. work and play each week
D. monthly / semester planning and execution
Time on Task (TOT)
this is unknown as a 1st year student until you've been in college for some time
Time-management is 3-tiered
--assignments for the semester
this is fixed and imposed on the syllabus by the professor
?--what days of the week
the daily schedule
?--what time of the day will it be done?--circadian rhythm
-pay attention to it
fixed commitments: class, work,
life habits & leisure activities
what you won't give up: meals, tv shows,
what's left?
find at least 25 hrs/week
Carnegie standard: 3 hrs for every hr in class
professor expectations
8/8/8 formula
answer: 12,400
answer: 34.50 hours
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