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Tangled: Movie Plot Diagram

No description

Juliana Reeves

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Tangled: Movie Plot Diagram

Movie Plot Diagram

Rising Action

- Rapunzel meets Flynn
- were introduced to Maximus(the horse)
- Flynn takes her to the Snuggly Duckling
-They are pursued by Flynn's old partners
- Rapunzel runs into Gothel
- The Crew finally makes it to the town
- Rapunzel finally conquers her dream and witnesses the beauty of the flouting lanterns
Falling Action
-Rapunzel is tricked to believe that Flynn has left her
- Flynn is sentenced to death and will be hung in the morning
- Rapunzel goes "home" with Gothel
- Flynn escapes and goes after Rapunzel
-Rapunzel finally realizes that she is the lost princess
- Gothel, Rapunzel, and Flynn fight in the final battle, Flynn gets stabbed
- In an effort to save Rapunzel, Flynn cuts off Rapunzel's hair altmighty killing Gothel
- Rapunzel tries to save Flynn
- Rapunzel, Flynn Rider,
Gothel, Pascal
- Medieval kingdom

- Rapunzel wants
to see the floating lights
Background info.
- In order to save the queen and her child; her majesty was given a magic flower that possessed wonderful powers, but this magnificent flower was previously hoarded buy an Evil women, Gothel(who sought youth). The beautiful baby girl was then captured by the women who raised the child on her own, swearing to never let the girl leave her sight ever again.

Rapunzel's hair glows and heals stuff
satchel, which Rapunzel
will only give to
him if he takes her
to see the floating
Flynn actually
just wants his stolen
Flynn's real name
is Eugene Fitzherbert
- Flynn lives
- Rapunzel finally meets her real
- Flynn and Rapunzel get
Conflict- Rapunzel
was taken from her
- protagonist
- main character
- round
- changes Flynn's outlook on the world
- respects those around her
- conquered her dreams and many others
- main character
- dynamic
- believed that the world revolved around money
- tries to save Rapunzel at the cost of this own life
- sacrifices his life for the one he loves

never give up on
your dreams
- antagonist
- supporting character
- flat
- tries to keep Rapunzel from leaving the tower
- believed that she could live forever
- tries to stop Rapunzel from accomplishing her dream
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