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Technology for Cognition and Academic Learning: PC-Scope

Clara Stranko

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of PC-Scope

PC-Scope What is it?

-The PC- Scope is an innovative piece of adaptive technology that allows the microscope to be plugged in to a computer so that it can be projected on to the screen.

-The microscope can be operated by the computers key board, mouse a joy stick or voice command making the device versatile to people with a range of ability and mobility levels

-Features of the PC- Scope: Basic system capabilities include automated image focus with magnification changes; automated light level adjustment with magnification changes; instant video image capture, storage, and retrieval; microscopist isolation from potentially hazardous sample

-only had a 1 yr warrenty
Has the ability to project the high resolution display image on a large screen
Provides access to stored images on other computers
Contains voice recognition system for operational control (for students with deficits in mobility/fine motor control)
Contains head mounted pointer for cursor control
Allows a student with significant physical limitations to be included in general education science activities utilizing microscopes without segregation. Con's:
Company doesn't sell just the PC-Scope software. The PC-Scope software and hardware must be purchased together.
Extremely high tech
Difficult to use for the average teacher
EXPENSIVE!!! Discussion Questions

1.) What methods could be used to overcome how difficult it is to understand the PC-Scope?

2.) What type of learner do you think this technology would benefit most?

3.) Do you believe this product is worth the cost?

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