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Renewable energy


matthew light

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Renewable energy

BIOMASS Plants that are used for energy How does my energy source work? Crops like corn and is finely grounded and separated into their component surgars. The surgars are distilled to make ethanol, which can be used as a alternative fuel which releases carbon dioxide that is absorbed by the original crops. It has been successful in the past by helping car fuel and electricty The cost to get the energy is $5.00 per million BTU ph The advantages 1.Theoretically inexhaustible fuel source. 11.When direct combustion of plant mass is not used to generate energy, there is minimal environmental inpact. Disadvantages & 1.Could contribute a great a deal to global warming and particulate pollution if directly burned. 11.On a small scale there is most likely a net loss of energy. Energy must be put in to grow the plant mass. A factory used to produce biomass by plant matter Wood Fired Plant
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