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Rewa Marathe

on 12 May 2017

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

How to Get around New Brunswick and beyond ........
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Modes of Public Transport
Try google maps:
Check out Public Transport, Walking and Biking modes
Get more info about transportation from:
Don't bike on express-ways, have a helmet, lights.
Newark (EWR) is the easiest.
JFK is used most often.
LGA is the farthest
Public Transportation
College Avenue
Cook / Douglass
New Brunswick
Tip for cabs - 15%
Busch campus to Train station ~ $10
luggage, # of people, night time ~ more $$$
Rutgers Buses
RU Shuttle
NJ Transit
Coach USA
NJ Transit
NJ Transit to
New York
Washington D.C. Philadelphia
New York

On Campus & In New Brunswick:
Rutgers bus system (NextBus.com & Rutgers App available for Android, Apple & Blackberry),
Brunsquick Shuttle and Knight mover
NJ Transit, Coach USA
M.C.A.T.: To get to - social security office, Pathmark, etc.
To surrounding region including New York, Princeton:
NJ Transit (also takes you to Edison, Highland Park, East Brunswick)
Bus Stops: New Brunswick Train Station, George Street, Highland Park [Route 27]
Always carry a map & check direction of the bus before you board.
Coach USA
To other cities from New York:
Boltbus, Megabus, Chinatown buses, Greyhound etc. [Philly, Boston, DC, Montreal, etc.]
But Which Bus Dude
810 :
Goes to
Woodbridge Mall,
Menlo Park Mall,
this is where you find, e.g.
814 :
Goes to Middlesex county college
[Summer credits anyone?]
Exact fare needed on the bus. 
Get the quarters from:
Any Bank - best bet
Alexander Library, College Avenue Campus
Change machines in Busch Campus Center, Grad dorms: Need 1 $ bills. 
Plan ahead!
NJ Transit train:
$8.5 one way!  takes you to Trenton transit center and TRANSFER to
Southeaster Pennsylvania Transportation Authority:$8.75 one way!
Get off at Philadelphia 30th Street station
It takes about
2 hours
to get there.
Or get a trip ticket from the orientation!

New York!!
NJ Trasit train:
13$ one way! Takes you to NY Penn station.
take it at NB Train station.
Takes 1 - 1.5 hour
Coach USA buses to New York:
Costs 16$ round trip!
Frequency(bus) = Frequency(Train)
Takes 45 min to 1 hr
Tickets: From B&M Bagels [20$ Round Trip]
[Address : Albany St & Cr-644, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 -- in front of train station]
Tickets from SAC:
Rutgers ID needed, cheaper
Buy your tickets ahead of time. Not open on weekends!
Can buy multiple tickets at a time
Tickets can be used on future dates, not necessarily to use them immediately
Can take bikes on these buses in the storage area!

Share a taxi
Public Transport is good for light travel
Accessibility: special fares available, elevators in train stations, but for buses must check for each company and lines.
NJ Transit has a special program for accessible services.

Getting to NEWARK
This one is the easiest!
NJ Transit train to Newark airport.
Then, Airtrain to the airport.
Total fare: around
Easy, uh?
Estimated travel time:
1 hour.
Beware: not all trains stop at Newark Airport.
Getting to JFK -
This one is the biggest!
The best way: public transport
First get to Penn Station (NJ transit, $13 fare)
Then take Long Island Railroad (LIRR) to Jamaica.
Normal Ticket: $6.75-$8.75.
Weekends: buy a CITY ticket instead: $4. :).
You can also go from Penn to Jamaica with the subway or buses (cheaper but not worth it).
From Jamaica, take the Airtrain to the airport ($5 fare)
Total Cost =$21 approx.
Total travel time: around 2 hours.
The easiest way: shared taxis or local NYC taxis.
[Cons: expensive, traffic etc. Hence, shared taxis.]
Different airlines have different terminals: the Airtrain will stop on all of them.
There are also shuttles, but they are slow!

Getting to La Guardia
This one is the crappiest! Only for national flights.
By Public Transport:
Go to NY Penn. You know the drill.
Take the subway or bus to La Guardia.
Or take a Shuttle to LGA. Comfy but slow. From NY Penn and from Grand Central.
Different terminals for different airlines (e.g. American Airlines has it's own terminals)
Route A/Route B buses run within LaGuardia
Estimated travel time: around 3 hours.
Estimated cost = $13 + Cab fare/shuttle fare.
Connecting shuttles available to JFK and EWR --- Many services available. Google.
Car rentals: the closest is AVIS @ Hyatt Hotel
Example - medium size car for 3 days: 40$ per day
International license not required, but preferred

Private Transportation
Enterprise provides discount for Rutgers students http://www.rutravel.rutgers.edu/enterprise.html
Enterprise picks you up.
Can rent a car at Newark airport.
No rentals for under 21s.
Between 21-25, must check each service individually. [restrictions on car types, more fees etc.]
Use Google [or your favourite search engine]

Google has:
Driving Directions
Public transport directions [works very well in many parts of USA but not everywhere]
Walking directions
Biking directions.

NEED INTERNET? - Get it in Alexander Library!

Final Remarks
I'm so psyched that I want to get out of here.
Important Buses
811, 810, 818 - NJ Transit Buses from downtown/train station
M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6 - MCAT Buses
Each bus has different schedule - higher frequencies during weekdays. Check before you leave.
Useful website:
New Jersey
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