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No description

Emily Rhineberger

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of OLD VERSION ADEA PASS 2015 cycle

Institution Evaluation
Submitted by the Dean at your dental school. Includes:
* Class ranking, if applicable
* Yearly and cumulative GPA, if applicable
* NBDE results and test dates
* Applicant attributes including responsibility, initiative, reliability, maturity, and ethical behavior
Check with your Dean for what the school needs from you in order to complete this evaluation
Professional Evaluation (PEF)

These electronic letters of recommendation can be used to highlight special or unique experiences.
Two PEFs per designation allowed.

* You are encouraged to have different PEF and PPI evaluators.
Create your application
at https://portal.passweb/org

Biographical Data
Background Information (DentPin)
Professional Experience
Test Scores
Awards, Distinctions, Prizes
Extracurricular Activities
Undergraduate/Graduate Colleges Attended
Dental Schools Attended (and official transcript)
Advanced Dental Education Programs Attended
Reference names and email addresses
Essay- 5,200 characters
2015 Details
Opens: May 21st, 2014
First deadline: August 1st, 2014
Fees TBD
Track your application on your mobile device!!

ADEA PASS: www.adeapass.org

ADEA PASS Search Engine: http://programpages.passweb.org/search

Match Information: http://www.natmatch.com/dentres/
Start with the
Search Engine
All 640+ participating programs have a profile on the ADEA PASS Search Engine.

Profiles include contact information, requirements, and detailed information about the program.
Who participates?
Congratulations on
submitting your application!
I want to apply to a residency.
Where do I start?
The ADEA Postdoctoral Support Service (PASS) is the centralized application for most advanced dental education programs. It simplifies the process by allowing applicants to complete one application for multiple programs. Learn more about the application and the read the full instructions at
2014-2015 Application

After Interviews
National Match
Personal Potential Index (PPI)
ETS PPI is a directed recommendation measuring these non-cognitive functions:
* knowledge and creativity
* communication skills
* teamwork
* resilience
* planning and organization
* ethics and integrity
Ratings and comments requested from 3-5 evaluators
ADEA PASS Evaluations
The Match provides an orderly process to help applicants obtain positions in advanced dental education programs of their choice and programs obtain applicants of their choice.

Not all PASS programs participate in Match and not all Match programs participate in PASS. Find out which programs participate in Match through their Search Engine profile.
Match is a binding agreement. If you accept a position at a non-Match program BEFORE the Match occurs, you must withdraw at least 24 hours in advance. If you are applying to multiple Match programs, know you can only match at one residency.

Think long and hard about your Rank Order List before you submit it.
Start the application. Include the essay, educational and reference information, and the request for your transcripts.

Complete program-specific supplemental information.
Monitor the application for receipt of the Institution evaluation and dental school transcript.
Submit the ADEA PASS application with designations
Submit PPI Report with at least three evaluations
Top five qualities PDs are looking for in residents:
1. Team Player
2. Assumes Responsibility
3. Integrity
4. Interpersonal/communication skills
5. Reliability
Who should I ask to write a PPI or PEF?
Any dental school faculty who knows you well
Faculty member associated with clinical experience
Faculty member associated with the type of program you are applying to
December 2014
January 2015
Customer Service: passinfo@passweb.org or 617-612-2065
Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I apply to Match and Non-Match programs? Yes.
Can I apply to Match programs in different phases? Yes.
Can I apply to two types of specialties in the Match? Yes.
Can I apply to a place and then decide I don't want to be considered? Yes.

For more information, please email dentres@natmatch.com.
Search by....
Institution name
Program Type
*OMS applicants with CBSE exams should contact AAOMS for score submission details
* More than one essay can be submitted at no additional cost
* GRE and TOEFL scores can be self reported through ADEA PASS
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