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A Bite of China: Footsteps

No description

Ayiana Honeysuckle

on 3 April 2017

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Transcript of A Bite of China: Footsteps

Nyingchi, Tibet
A Bite of China: Footsteps
Season 2 Episode 1
Xi'An, Shanxi
Taizhou, Zhejiang
Shiyan, Hubei
Linyi, Shangdong
Teochew, Guangdong
Guiyang, Guizhou
Beijing, Peking
Quanzhou, Fujian
Leishan, Guizhou
Qin Mountains
Green Pepper and Leek Sauce
Mutton Soup
Soy-Sauce-Braised Pork Belly
Crepe Wrapped Scallion
with Meat Sauce
Stewed Mudskippers
Octopus Stew
Fish Sauce
Rice-Flower Carp Stew with Fish Sauce
Fish Sauce with Dried Green Pepper
Yangrou Paomo
Lantian Belt Noodle
Sichuan Spicy Sausage
Leshan Tender Tofu Puddings
More Pudding
Eel with Honey
Lotus Root with Fragrant Sticky Rice Stuffing
Honey and Yak Butter
Yak Butter Tea
Dried, Wild, Cooked, and Prepared Shiitake
Deep Fried and Steamed Spring Rolls
Circle and Square Spring Roll Wrappers
Thank You For Watching
Ayiana Honeysuckle

How to make Peking Duck Wraps, What They Look Like Inside and When Finished
Crisp and Soft Lumpia with Approperiate Dips
We are always reminded by that taste, that scent, three times daily: know where you are going, but forget not whence you have come.
Silk Baby Wraps
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