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Coniferous Forest

No description

lovey fall

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Coniferous Forest

water dirt air and rocks are all non-living things in the coniferous forest.

terrestrial Biome it can also be found in the united states,Canada,Europe and Asia and also temperate area.
The coniferous forest is found in a
Where is it?
What are the abiotic factors.
what are the native plants and there adaptations to live there?

the animals adaptation to live in the coniferous forest is hibernation and migration.
Why is this biome so globally important?
this is an map of were the coniferous forest is located

the native animals in the coniferous forest is bears ,moose, rabbits, bald eagles, and the eastern milk snake.
What are the native animals and their adaptations to live there?
the native plants in the coniferous forest is fire weed, poison oak, poison ivy,ferns, and aspen trees.
give example of cooperation and competition between and among species.
Publicize points and interest
Advertise your biome's recreational activities.
what is so important about the coniferous forest.
Suggest other biomes nearby for side trips
some suggest side trip near the coniferous forest is the deciduous forest
the native plants adaptation to live in the coniferous forest is when the conifers produce seeds in cones leaves are shape like needles and have a waxy coating that protects it from drying, cold weather, and keep most of its leaves.
the forest play a vital role in the balance of nature. it consist mainly of trees that protect the soil from erosion and aid in the water to ground water by creating cracks or pores in the rocks.
What is the average temperature?
The average temperature in the coniferous forest is -40.C to 20.C, average summer temperature is 10.C.
weather reports( used to aid tourists in packing their gear.)
what is the average precipitation in the coniferous forest?
the precipitation in the coniferous forest arrives as rain in the summer the average yearly precipitation is 12 to 33 inches or300 to 900 millimeters or rain per year .
suggest supplies/gear that tourists should bring to make their trip more enjoyable.
. clothing layers
.rain gear
.tarps to hang over picnic table ,tent with an rain cover.
Here are some examples of what you should bring to the coniferous forest.
Coyote and foxes fight over Kangaroo rats for substanance. This is an example of competitive relationship.
Competition is the fight between two organisms for resources. This could be two bears that both fish in one area and fight for the territory.
what are some threats in the coniferous forest?
clear cut logging is the biggest threat. land is being clear for ski slopes, land fills,housing, and new roads.
Are there endangered species in the coniferous forest?
Is there a fear of climate in the coniferous forest?
the far of climate change is an fire can happen in the wood out of nowhere and the rainfall or the floodings.
Hiking,animal watching,camping photograph,and peace and quiet CHa CHa!!
The coniferous forest is globally important because it provides us humans and animals with many natural resources such as the trees, moutains, water sources. All of these are necessity's living things need.
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