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Zhou Dynasty

No description

Sydney S.

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Zhou Dynasty

The Zhou Dynasty
By: Ally B., Sydney S., Patrick G., and Marco P.

How the Zhou Dynasty Began
War Between the States
The kings responsibility was to honor the gods and please them for the people
For long periods of time chinese farmers depended on rain to water their crops
Aristocrats forced farmers to become soldiers
people called aristocrats who ruled the territory of the kingdom of Zhou ignored the kings and ended up controlling their own territories.

Zhou Rules China
The Zhou dynasty ran its government in a specific way so that the family line could last as long as possible. They had many government officials on their side so they were able to stay powerful and have many advocates.
Rights to Rule
Mandate of Heaven - the belief that the Chinese king’s right to rule came from the gods
Mandate stated the idea that the gods chose a wise and good person to rule
Dao - Chinese system of beliefs which describes the way a king must rule
Technology and Trade
Chinese farmers depended on rain for their crops
trade expanded all the way to Greece
got a better water supply to grow more crops

According to a legend, the last of the Shang rulers was a wicked tyrant. Many Chinese turned against him. In 1045 b.c., rebels led by Wu Wang overthrew the Shang government. When his victory was complete, Wu declared a new dynasty called Zhou. The Zhou ruled China for more than 800 years. Thats longer than any other dynasty in Chinese history.
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