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No description

Christina Delgado

on 15 November 2016

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Transcript of Belair-Edison

the money
NeighborWorks America
created the Stable Communities Catalytic Grant Program in 2015 to "turbocharge" its work to help transform distressed communities into vibrant, healthy places where residents can live in safe, affordable homes with full access to services and economic opportunities.

The Catalytic Grant opportunity gave BENI significant financial resources that allowed the organization an opportunity to “think outside of the box”.

Using these funds, BENI focused on strategies:

-to further revitalize the Belair Road corridor
-to market the community to new homeowners and business
-to empower neighborhood leaders

the spark
As an active resident of Belair-Edsion for nearly 10 years, Christina Delgado was hired by BENI to use her experience as a resident leader, as an educator, and as a creative to enhance the role of community engagement specialist and the artistic esthetic of the Belair-Edison community.
the organization
Belair-Edison Community Art Impact

Belair-Edison Neighborhoods, Inc.
(BENI) is a community-based nonprofit organization that works to foster an environment where residents, business owners, and stakeholders feel confident to invest their time, energy, and money. We are a Healthy Neighborhoods and Baltimore Main Streets partner organization, as well as a HUD certified comprehensive housing counseling agency.
Executive Director of BENI “wanted to see more art infused into the work BENI was already doing based on the organization's strategic plan.”
the goal
the data
Data sets that were used in the past:

-First Time Homebuyers Education
-Healthy Neighborhoods (Homes for sale on Target Blocks & block projects)
-St. Ambrose (Homes for sale/purchased and block projects)
-MRIS - Metropolitan Regional Information Systems, Inc. (Homes Sales, Foreclosures, Short Sales, etc...)
-Fundraiser (Donors Database)
- Cities overall capital goals for the BE community
- LIVE Baltimore (quick access certain community and census data)
-Events, Block Meetings, Block Projects, Forums, Surveys, Workshops, and Sign-In Sheets

Why arts data is important:

Arts, culture, and creativity can:
-improve a community's competitive edge;
-create a foundation for defining a sense of place;
-attract new and visiting populations;
-integrate the visions of community and business leaders; and
-contribute to the development of a skilled workforce.


What we would like from BNIA:

-Something a little more visual
-Culture Maps
-A more comprehensive data report that is exclusive to the BE community, deeper than Vital Signs to give access to things such as raw data and market analysis

Artistic input for further revitalization of the Belair Road corridor:
-19 mosaic commercial planters
-Family Dollar Wall Murals
-Garden Party
-Baltimore City Benches

Artistic input to market the community to new homeowners and business owners:
-Re-painting of Movie Shed Mural
-Two bridge murals
-Storm water mural collaboration with BWB

Artistic input to empower neighborhood leaders :
-Resident Market Leaders, helped to plan, to implement, and many of the art efforts and other community projects in the community
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