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Mechanical Pencil Manufacturing

By Diana Contreras

Diana Contreras

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Mechanical Pencil Manufacturing

By Diana Contreras Manufacturing of a Mechanical Pencil The Components: Plastic Rubber Metal Product Development Life Cycle Brainstorming of Ideas Works Cited http://www.madehow.com/Volume-5/Eraser.html#b The Barrel: Plastic The Pencil Tip: Plastic The Eraser: Rubber Through injection molding, they change the shape of the plastic to fit the specific needs each part Oil is pumped out of the Earth, refined into propane and ethane and has chemicals added to it to create polymers Polymers are compressed into plastic pellets which are then sent to the manufacturer. Manufacturers melt the pellets down and use them to begin injection molding When creating the barrel, manufacturers develop the part to hold a minimum of 5 lead pieces The pencil tip is altered to contain screw grooves, making it easily removable from the body The tip is designed to be a cone shape for aesthetics, and it is only able to hold one lead piece at a time http://askville.amazon.com/plastic-made/AnswerViewer.do?requestId=3832469 The Advancing Mechanism: Plastic and Metal http://www.jetpens.com/Platinum-OLEeNu-High-Grade-Lead-Breakage-Prevention-Mechanical-Pencil-0.5-mm-Blue-Body/pd/5566 springs are heated to relax metal giving them the ability to retain their shape each time after flexing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piano_wire http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omLKbKakDoY&feature=related Iron ore is mined from the Earth The ore is smelted and combined with several chemicals, mainly carbon, to make steel This high carbon metal is processed into thin music wire machines take the music wire and wind it at specific points to create high elasticity compression springs Steel is sent to manufacturer Steel is melted down and molded to desired shape Manufacturer applies finished part(s) to the product http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steel http://www.wisegeek.com/how-are-mechanical-pencils-made.htm http://davesmechanicalpencils.blogspot.com/p/my-wiki-mechanical-pencil.html Extraction of Raw Materials Manufacturing of Parts Packaging and Distribution of final product Product is sold by retailers Product is bought and used by consumers Product is re-used Product is thrown away Product is recycled advertisement Do your part, recycling's a good start Conserve the environment. Recycle. This pencil is 100% reusable
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