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EMERGENCY USA - Intro for Volunteers

A basic overview of volunteering with E-USA


on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of EMERGENCY USA - Intro for Volunteers


The Founding and Mission of EMERGENCY USA
In today’s conflicts 90 percent of the victims are civilians, of which 1/3 are children. Every year war takes the lives of millions of unarmed people worldwide. There is an urgent need to relieve human suffering caused by wars.
EMERGENCY USA- Life Support for Civilian Victims of War and Poverty raises awareness and funds to provide permanent infrastructure for medical care and rehabilitation efforts for victims of war and poverty.
The programs we support provide free-of-charge, high-standard medical and surgical care in war-torn areas. All facilities are designed, built and managed by the Italian NGO .
builds regional medical centers of excellence and focuses on empowering people affected by conflict. The specialized international staff is committed to training local medical personnel.
EMERGENCY USA's primary objectives are to raise public awareness about humanitarian activities across the globe and to serve as an inspirational, practical model to develop an active presence in society.
We believe that healing wounds heals communities devastated by wars.
What We Do Locally
The Volunteer Groups Make it Happen
Has Lifesaving Effects Around the World
Raise public awareness
Support programs that provide free-of-charge, high-standard medical and surgical care in war torn areas
Projects are designed, built, and managed by
Currently active in Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Iraq, Italy, Sierra Leone, and Sudan
Activities vary according to interests, skills, and resources of the group.
Group planning and activities respond to geographic and cultural contexts.
The Board of Directors Works to Guide Efforts into Effective Outcomes
By Combining and Sharing our Strengths
Provide information and guidance in the organizational structure
Offers coordination of activities, techniques, and lessons from experience
Takes on the burden of legal responsibilities, registration, reporting as a charitable entity.
Diverse backgrounds, styles, skills, intentions, and motivations
Work together within U.S. nonprofit regulation and oversight.
Volunteers foster a culture of cooperation for effective actions
Decisions approached through peaceful and ethical motivation and behaviors
The Roles and Responsibilities of the people and groups that make our programs possible
1. Organize and carry out awareness and
fund-raising activities
2. Interact and communicate with
volunteer coordinators
3. Partner with other groups, and network
in local communities
4. For effective functioning, each group selects
a coordinator, a secretary, and treasurer
5. Each group can request EMERGENCY USA
materials and brochures
National Group Coordinators
1. Groups elect group coordinators with
1 year term recommended
2. Maintain contact with the Board of
3. Network with other national group
4. Generate local volunteer recruitment
5. Place and guide volunteers into officer
roles and lead group initiatives
Board of Directors
1. Exists to support the activities of
EMERGENCY USA volunteers so that
efforts translate into positive results.
2. Coordinates the development and
maintenance of the infrastructure.
3. Works to create a unified, professional,
and persuasive voice for EMERGENCY
General Advisory Council
1. Facilitates communication between
international partners
2. Serve as a body of experts in
relevant fields.
supporters means of involvement;
updates and activities
4. Conduct 4 meetings a year for
exchange of information
Medical Advisory Council
1. Provide experienced medical experts a
means of being involved with
2. Serves as a body of medical experts
that advise and offer positive, creative
3. Conduct 4 meetings a year for
exchange of information
University Advisory Council
1. Leaders from university-based
groups work together, exchanging ideas, and
mentoring newly formed campus groups
2. Members of the university council include the
group coordinator from a university-based
volunteer group
3. University-based volunteer groups are
structured the same as public-based
volunteer groups
Who is an EMERGENCY USA Volunteer?
EMERGENCY USA Volunteers...
EMERGENCY USA Frequently Asked Questions
Why Volunteer?
Current Programs
Central African Republic
Sierra Leone
War has ravaged Afghanistan for over 30 years
1.5 million dead, over 4 million displaced
Since 1999, EMERGENCY has treated 2.8 million people
EMERGENCY has built the following in Afghanistan
Panjshir Valley
Surgical and Medical Centre
Maternity Centre
Surgical Centre for War Victims
Surgical Centre for War Victims
The infant mortality rate in the Central African Republic is 115 deaths per 1000 live births
EMERGENCY has treated 35,075 children since 2009
In the capital city Bangui, EMERGENCY has opened a Paediatric Centre, focused on hygiene and nutrition for children's health.
EMERGENCY staff examines up to 70 children every day
Over 10 million landmines infest Iraqi territory
Between 1995 and 1998, EMERGENCY reactivated the hospital of Choman in Iraqi Kurdistan and opened two Surgical Centres for war victims
22 First Aid posts for prompt assistance
Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration Centre in Sulaimaniya
Since 1995, EMERGENCY has treated about 400,000 people in Iraq
In Italy, EMERGENCY focuses on healthcare for migrants and the poor, who are widely discriminated against.
In 2006, an Outpatient Clinic opened to guarantee free healthcare to migrants
Clinic consists of unpaid professional volunteers
Outpatient Clinic opened in 2010 for migrants and people in need
EMERGENCY has treated over 300,000 people in Sierra Leone since 2001
Opened a Surgical Centre in Goderich to provide treatment in orthopaedics, trauma, and emergency surgery
A Paediatric Centre was also opened in Goderich to prevent and treat child malnutrition, malaria, and infections.
In 2004, EMERGENCY stepped in to support hospitals in Mellit and Al Fashir in Northern Darfur
In 2005, EMERGENCY opened a Paediatric Centre in Mayo Internally Displaced People
The Salam Centre for cardiac surgery opened in 2007
About 150,000 people treated
What You Can Do
Become a monthly donor on our website
Volunteer with a local group
Participate in a special event
Work in the international programs
Atlanta, GA
Nicole Dubruiel
Boston, MA
Khudejha Asghar
New York, NY
Raffaele Crocchiolo
Boulder, CO
Ann McCue
Denver, CO
Joanna Rodgers
Chicago, IL
Casey Lamkin
San Francisco, CA
Eric Talbert
Los Angeles, CA
Anna Gilmore
Washington, DC
Serena Martini
Local Volunteer Leaders
Over 3,572,664 treated
Anabah- Surgical & Medical Center, Maternity Center
Kabul- Surgical Center for War Victims
Lashkar-gah- Surgical Center for War Victims
29 First Aid Posts referring patients to Surgical Centers when needed
Central African Republic
The Pediatric Center is located in Bangui
Opened in March 2009
80 children receive care every day
Over 72,589 treated as of December 2012
Part of the Regional program for Pediatrics and Cardiac Surgery in Africa
Sierra Leone
Goderich Surgical Center opened in 2001, and Pediatric Center Opened in 2002
Over 415,210 patients treated as of December 2012
Aim to lower child mortality rate
Specialization in trauma surgery
Unique program for treatment of esophageal burns - common, caused by ingesting lye
Official recognition as training institution

In Sudan, EMERGENCY has treated over 261,734 patients.
2005: Pediatric Center, Mayo Refugee Camp
2007: The Salam Center for Cardiac Surgery, Soba
2010: Pediatric Center, Nyala, South Darfur
2011: Pediatric Center, Port Sudan
Focuses on medical care for migrants and the poor
Palermo-Outpatient Clinic
Marghera-Outpatient Clinic
Services at both clinics are free of charge, to ensure care for those without access
About 400,000 people treated
Context: 10 million landmines across the territory
Sulaimaniya-Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration Centre
22 First Aid Posts for prompt assistance
Ongoing Programs
To help others around the world
To be involved in our community
To contribute to a remarkable cause
To have new experiences
To use and advance various skills for lifesaving initiatives
To stay informed about important international issues
EMERGENCY Switzerland
What do Volunteers Do?
All of our activities are to cultivate the interest of the people of our communities and to inspire support for the programs
Public Conferences and Events
Organization Collaboration
EMERGENCY USA uses the following techniques in their fundraising efforts
Inviting someone directly to make a gift
Cause-focused Social Gatherings with friends and personal acquaintances
Accepting donations in exchange for Items such as books and gadgets
Creative events, concerts, presentations
Emergency USA values the efforts of other non-profit organizations, and we seek opportunities to work with others who share the same objectives
We organize and participate in public conferences, meetings, and events
Annual War & Health Conference at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia
A nationwide effort to support our efforts in Afghanistan
Austin, TX: EMERGENCY USA Miles to Afghanistan Benefit Concert
Oakland, CA: Free art exhibition to raise awareness
Film screenings are a great away to raise awareness through visual images
Suggested Items for Tabling
Sign-up sheet for those interested
Example Program Needs Page showing the types of tangible items that EMERGENCY USA invests in
E-Items, such as buttons, lanyards, stickers, and shirts
E-Books, such as 'Just War' and 'Green Parrots'
'Donations' Container
FAQs and receipt book
Listing of Recommended Minimum Donations for items
Cash to use as change
Code of Conduct
Consideration of others
When unsure; ask for help
Share EMERGENCY USA's values and fundamental principles
Choose active involvement
Donate their time
Enjoy working as a team
Have a presence within the EMERGENCY USA activity
Make the efforts of EMERGENCY USA possible
How are the programs supported by EMERGENCY USA different from other organizations?
Specialized international staff
Capacity, skills and focus to provide long-term health care
Training programs for local medical and nursing staff in EMERGENCY facilities
How are the hospital and program locations selected?
If a hospital has been turned over to the local health authorities, do the programs continue?
If there is not a volunteer group in my area, how can I start one?
How are the physicians, specialists, and other paid staff recruited?
As a medical student, am I qualified to work overseas?
Identified on the basis of most urgent needs
Decided based on available local resources, project feasibility, and opportunities
We stay involved by providing supervision, further training, and monitoring of compliance with agreed upon principles and protocols of care.
Give us your contact information and we can help you through the steps to set up a local volunteer group
The first step would be to forward your Curriculum Vitae and an application to the Human Resources Office in Milan, Italy
Currently there are no overseas student programs
Substantial professional experience is required in order to provide high quality care and to train local staff
Students can play a critical role by increasing awareness, creating presentations, and supporting and organizing fundraisers.
EMERGENCY USA uses the following social media networks to spread the word:
Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
Please 'Like' us on Facebook and Share
To get involved with our social media, email our Communications Committee at
Ready to Get Involved?
Please visit
Or see our facebook page

Send us an email at
We can't wait to meet you!
Volunteers of
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