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Freemium Subscription Model

How I think MS should work

Will Stewart

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Freemium Subscription Model

Customer finds MS website Hmm... But why is this better
than CDs? Businesses using Music Stream don't have to pay PRS / PPL fees.
Fresh music is beamed to your device once a month - you don't have to do anything. Simple All the other advantages.
- Powerful scheduler
- Push Messages / Adverts
- Lock Players
- Control each player from one admin console (central control. Make web based.) Sounds good... too good... I want
to give it a go first Try the app for free. Download PC MAC Android iOS Subscribe later to unlock Music Stream's full functionality. This is a LIMITED version of the player.

Sign up for £12 / Month Our Website Homepage. 3 large buttons. Sign Up Manage your player(s) What is it? eCom - Take payment etc Account set up. 2 bits of info. Username / Email: ideal.customer@gmail.com Key: babbccff Unlocked Player Delivery Server Do they have a key? NO YES -Playlists
-Is the player locked?
-Fonts, layout etc -User creates playlists
-Changes Colours or fonts - All this information is synced with the user's key. This information in held on the DS and locally cached on the player. - There is only ever one version of the player for each of the 4 platforms. The DS looks at the key and tells the player how to behave Log in: ideal.customer@gmail.com + Useful Map showing… something (position of players?) + Add New Device + Edit + Edit + Edit + Edit Edinburgh Store Android Tablet
Key: stuvwx Reading Store Android Tablet
Key: nopqr London Store Android Tablet
Key: hijklm Statistics
Player status Your Tablet
Key: abcdefg A premium user would see this console on our website.

We only stand to gain by using it and have lost nothing if it doesn’t work Locked
Clone Locked
Clone Locked
Clone Copy Settings, add another locked clone + - Gives the primary user another key (for half price?) in which they have control but this key automatically locks the player.

- Half the price because the key only allows skip and pause functionality.

- Only the primary user can log in with his/her key and adjust this players settings klmnyrb
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