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Motivation Presentation Prezi

Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why

Sharon Comer

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Motivation Presentation Prezi

children will forget what you said,
children will forget what you did,
children will never forget how you made them feel.
by Maya Angelou Can I motivate children to want to learn?
As a new teacher, I want to know everything available to make a positive, difference in the children's life.
Does intrinsic or extrinsic rewards increase motivation and specifically, behaviors I use? Praise or Not? FROM ARTICLE IN WSJ
FEB 13, 2007
by Robin Moroney
Considers praise may be problem and interferes with learning. Kids who got praise for EFFORT recovered from failure. While kids who got praise for intelligence (and had lower scores) did not recover. Purpose/My Goal 2 Research of the Literature shows teachers must understand motivation...
think of it as a variable we can focus on to improve our teaching, capitalize on student's learning. Motivation dropout rates 1 out of 4
crimes committed 75%
jobs not eligible for 90% "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by the way it climbs a tree, it will live its life believing it is stupid" albert einstein 1879-1955 What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say — Ralph Waldo Emerson Achievement Goal Theory is based on
mastery task learning goals. Students belief directly relates to their engagement. Statistics Society is changing, the old way of teaching isn't working, and change is needed. How can I, as a teacher, nurture intentional motivation in my students; to encourage, sustain, and grow positive, learning behaviors? 3 4 5 Theories of Motivation
Need Theory
Goal Theory
Intrinsic Motivation Theories Need Theory by Maslow
states that there are 8 levels in order
of priority: Intrinsic Self-Determination Theory by Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, 1985, includes needs and drives, and seeking own agenda freely. This is the theory to have a magic button to push. 6 Extrinsic Motivation is performing for a reward. Such as
money, prizes, food, grade, time. Research agree to work,
it must be something the student can control.
Some teaching ideas:
clear expectations
corrective, immediate & specific feedback then provide scaffolding
allow opportunities for students to succeed*
allow engagements in social learning
provide valuable rewards for simple learning tasks
make rewards available
Intrinsic Motivation can be thought of as enjoyment in the activity for the pure feeling of it. (Brophy, 1998)
Some teaching ideas increase:
merely explaining why "content" or skill is important
allow choice of learning goals & tasks
provide games & simulations*
variety of sensory activities
set goals for learning, plan of action
relating learning to student needs

NOTE: Randy Sprink brings up good questions.
Is this bribery?
Shouldn't students be responsible w/o needing rewards?
Will students get hooked on reinforcements?
Can you ever get rid of reward systems?(Sprink, 2011)
Some say, rewards can lead to addiction. The child needs it.
Interventions next reality TV show.(Comer, 2013) Self-expression, satisfaction

Mastery, confidence
No fear
Hunger, sleep Definition:
to act towards a desired goal
internal state that initiatives behavior and direction
desires that energizes goal-oriented behavior WHY... A This means...we must
praise for process qualities kids
can control, like effort. Not the PERSON. Use process-centered (fast, running, chasing down the ball). ANOTHER ARTICLE
He states to praise behavior not their ability. Let child fail w/o being a failure.
I have been trying out individual intrinsic rewards(behaviors). Special notes, knuckles, and specific process encouragement.
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