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Chapt 8: A New National Identity/The Era of Good Feelings

Major developments during the Monroe administration -- treaties, Missouri Compromise, the American System, the Monroe Doctrine, the Corrupt Bargain, American art/lit movements (Hudson River school) [Holt 8th grade California Standards]

J Swanson

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of Chapt 8: A New National Identity/The Era of Good Feelings

Chapt 8
Era of Good Feelings
The U.S. improves relationships with other countries
Settled border with Canada
Agreed to share Oregon Territory
U.S. gave up Texas for Florida
Settled borders with Spanish Territory
Only can mess with these countries!
Missouri Compromise
Balances slave vs free states
Missouri added as a slave state
Maine added as a free state
Slavery only allowed SOUTH of Missouri from now on
The country feels like it's time to ...
Keeps each side even in the Senate!
Hands Off!
Hands Off!
A period of peace, prosperity, progress and patriotism
The country is ...
After the War of 1812:
and growing
Foreign Affairs
The American System
Domestic improvements
National Bank to regulate money
Federal TARIFFS pay for it
protect U.S. businesses
McCulloch v. Maryland
was a lawsuit over whether Congress had the right to form a National Bank
The Supreme Court under John Marshall said "yes"
(implied powers)
Roads and canals built with FEDERAL money
Goal = make the country
American System's
(We don't have to rely on other countries for anything)
Domestic Affairs
The Corrupt Bargain (1824)
(The end of the
Era of Good Feelings)

(His father was
President John Adams)
(He's really tough
and pretty much a psycho)
You don't have to write this stuff
New American Art Styles
Artists wanted to show off beauty of America
Hudson River school
(It's not actually a school!)
Washington Irving -- SATIRE
James Fennimore Cooper -- HISTORICAL FICTION
(He's actually not such a great writer -- Mark Twain used to make fun of him)
By the way,
are also
Writers use AMERICAN themes and ideas
We stopped copying Europe!
(A way to say we're awesome like they were)
Buildings used ancient Roman and Greek styles
SPIRITUALS (songs) reflect importance of religion in early America
Most music sings about how great the U.S. is
Builds PRIDE and UNITY
Monroe Doctrine
U.S. tells Europe to keep its hands off the Western Hemisphere
Monroe Doctrine
U.S. tells Europe to keep its hands off the Western Hemisphere
Monroe Doctrine
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