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Definition of Protagonist

Tiffany Chen

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Protagonist

Protagonist A protagonist is the leading or main character of a story, skit, movie or any other fictional text.
The story usually has a conflict(problem) and an antagonist, who is often beaten by the protagonist.
In other words, the protagonist is the good character in a story. Definition: Mulan is the hero of this movie. Examples Of A Protagonist: WORD SEARCH TIME!!!!! Thank You for watching our presentation, we hope you learned the definition of protagonist and had FUN!!! By Tiffany Chen, Hannah Buckley, Jacqueline Chen. This is Rapunzel from the movie Tangled. She is the protagonist of the movie, in the end she beat her evil mother and lived happily ever after. This is a popular fairy tale called Snow White. Snow White is the leading character of the story and she defeated her evil stepmother who tried to poison her with an apple. This is Lilo and Stitch from the Disney movie. Both of them are good characters that solve crimes. Mickey Mouse is the main character in the movie/story. Little red riding hood plays a very important role in this story. Peter Pan is the protagonist in this story, he saves Wendy and her brothers from Captain Hook. Pair up in partners and start finding words in your wordseach grid!!!
P.S: The first group to finish gets candy!!! :) 주역주역
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