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Jasmine Southcombe

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

By Jasmine Southcombe
Contribution of Energy
Systems in Taekwondo

Energy Systems
When are the three systems used?
There are three energy Systems which contribute to the energy required in Taekwondo:
Aerobic System:
Lactic Acid System:
What is energy?
All three energy systems operate at the same time within the muscle cell. Which method is predominately used to produce energy depends on the type of activity and its intensity and duration. Each energy system has limitations and contributes energy to physical activities in different ways (Amezdroz, 2010).
Taekwondo and Energy
The length of time that the activity takes. Heart rate can be taken during exercise to determine the intensity at which you are working (Amezdroz, 2010).
In relation to exercise it is the degree of difficulty or the amount of strength and/or energy required (Amezdroz, 2010).
Lactic Acid:
Duration and Intensity of each system:
High Intensity
95-100% of max effort
Short Duration
Up to 10 seconds
High Intensity
85-95% of maximal effort
Lasts 1-3 minutes
Long Duration
Over 5 minutes
Less then 85% of maximal effort
Sparring in Taekwondo
High Intensity
Lots of movement
Shorter duration
Watch video
First 30 seconds
Medium Intensity
A lot of bouncing on the spot
Medium Duration
Lactic & ATP
Main Energy System Used in Taekwondo
The Lactic Acid System
Sparring goes for two minutes
Fuel for this system is Carbohydrates
Passive recovery=24 hours
Active recovery=1-2 hours
Low Intensity
High Intensity
Components of fitness
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