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Working with your Institution

No description

Student Voice

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Working with your Institution

Student Charter Parallel consultation process:
- Students and staff consulted
- Same activities to gather input carried out at parallel committees
- 10 drafts- continuously passed back and forth.
-Had a student editing group to ensure it was written for students.
- Got finally passed by parallel governing bodies - Council and AGM. The Student Voice Officer and other staff within the Education team in Registry work with members of staff in each school who have the role of Student Rep Coordinator within their School or programme of study. Student Academic Representatives Student Voice Officer Works with SRCs Student voice framework The Cardiff University approach to Student Voice has been developed, in partnership with students, based on the concept that there are opportunities to involve students at three levels of engagement:

Involvement- Opportunities are provided for students to express individual opinions, perspectives, ideas and concerns on their experiences.
Participation - Opportunities are provided for students to take a more active role in a defined activity. (E.g having students on senate, policy network)
Partnership - Collaboration between the University/Schools and students, involving joint ownership and decision making over both the process and the outcome (E.g student charter) Working with your Institution -
getting the balance University Students' Union Student Academic Representatives Student Voice Officer Work closely with the Education and University Affairs Officer. Cardiff University These SRCs are trained each September and are reminded of our
guidelines we produce for them each year.
The training gives them the opportunity to share best practice
and ask any questions regarding the system. To help recruit the Reps we then are allocated a time slot during induction by the SRCs. They also arrange a suitable time and date for the students to be trained by us in their School. SRC's monitor SSPs within their Schools, sending us updated minutes and the names of each SSP Chair, who attends Student Union meetings. Education and University Affairs Officer attends lecture shout outs & training sessions. Monthly Newsletter written to keep Student Reps up to date and share best practice. An Education Exec are elected
at the beginning of the year,
2 UG and 2 PG (1PGT 1PGR) from each of the colleges. They
help the Education Officer on campaigns and communicating
with the reps. Speak Week- A week long campaign dedicated to the student voice, the Student Reps led by the Education Officer collected over 800 pieces of feedback through postcards and surveys, to be used as evidence for future campaigns. College Forums are organised every term for the Chairs of the Student-Staff panels in that College. Student Surveys - the promotion and analysis! Meet with members of staff in schools Work with senior management -
easier to get quick queries dealt with Wider student voice projects Train and support SARs Know who to
ask within the
University on
certain issues
that arise. Help with SU campaigns Annually endorsed by the student body at AGM Continuously promoted
through the rep system Student Voice Steering group which monitors all Student Voice work Other partnerships include:
-Monthly meetings with representatives from the University and the unions' SMT and Officers

-Annual student written submissions- continuous partnership in improving standards College Forums Minute College Forums The Education Officer helps Student Reps with their campaigns and takes on lobbying and projects for them within the University. Written entirely in partnership demonstrates relationship between students and uni. Partnership doesn't just mean the union and the Uni, or the uni and students - it's a tripartite agreement.
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