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MIS Trip advisor


sungho Cho

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of MIS Trip advisor

Contents Firm overview
Analysis & diagnosis of Status
Alternatives & Recommendation Tripadvisor overview Tripadvisor
Business portfolio Tripadvisor financial status Rapid growth rate
High net income ratio
Continous asset increase Tripadvisor overview Location+User's review Removal OTA Business in China Trip evolves by consumer's income General trip Specific trip Business in China Market dominant strong competitor, Ctrip is exist
Low competency with current China travel market stage
Low maturity of localization Tripadvisor started business in the 3rd stage
Currnet Chinese(Asia) market is on the 1st & 2nd stages Current status in China Weakness of Tripadvisor in China Business in China Give up Chinese market? 1 billion population,
Leading the trend of future Asia
14 million middle class households (16000-34000 US dollor income by Macinsey)
Overwhelming package travel behavior possibly will be evolved towards free tour Business in China Alternatives Following market leader Ctrip
Market segmentation
Develop differentiated tour package
Focus on PR activity via SNS SWOT_ Internal origin SWOT_External Origin We issued these problems… Highly dependent on OTAs
Emergence of strong competitors
Not succeed in Non-English region Our countermeasures are ... Become Online Travel Agency
Diversify business area
China! Action items for becoming OTA Membership (e.g universal cross mileage service)
Rewarding system for users
Customer oriented business
Improve loyalty
CSR activity RWW matrix Questions? KMBA Team_MBA KMBA Management Information Systems
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