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Art Careers

No description

Andrea Sowle

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of Art Careers

A large growing art career with much desired educated professionals. Animation A high-demand, competitive art profession that utilizes text and imagery Graphic Design Photographer A professional photo-taker, who is well versed in the principles of design and technical skills. Their goal is to elicit certain feelings to their audience. Architecture The art and science of designing buildings and environmental spaces Many paths to take... Art Careers Skills Animators should have: ~Computer Literate
~Great communication and people skills
~Can think like a child Types of animation a professional might use:
1. Stop motion
2. Regular, 2-D animation (hand drawn or computer generated)
3. Computer animation or 3-D Animation Jobs 3D Animation
Video Game Designer
Computer Animation
Cartooning 3D Animator What do they do?
Use computer software to create the appearance of more depth and realism whether in short or long films.
@ least a 4 year degree Video Game Designer What do they do?
Design storyline, settings, rules, characters, game layout
@ least an associates degree What do they do?
Create still drawings, usually with a humerous twist.
nothing in particular Cartoonist Graphic Design Skills: ~Computer Literate
~Clear and concise in communication
~Able to relate
~Works with a variety of media Graphic Designer What do they do?
Use computer models and hand-sketches to create visual concepts and images to convey a message or an expression to a consumer.
$25,000-$75,000 (mostly around $45,000)
Preferred formal training of an associates or bachelors degree What do they do?
Use text, shape, color, lines, and images to convey information about companies.
$50,000 (usually freelance)
Graphic Design Degree What do they do?
Responsible for the layout, color scheme, general design, and navigation of a website.
$50,000 annual salary
Recommended by not necessary Logo Designer Web Design Photography Career Expectations
There is a wide range of photography focuses, each of which is very direct and purposeful with their audience.
Full-time, experienced photographer can earn up to $65,000
Many photographers are free-lancers
Not required but a portfolio is key! Macro-Photographer Wild-Life Photographer Nature Photographer Wedding/Event Photographer Underwater Photographer Aerial Photographer Advertising Photographer Celebrity Photographer Photo-Journalist Objective:
Photograph objects extremely close-up, used for aesthetic purposes or science and research.
-Work with an array of specialized equipment
-Being an aware individual
@ least 2 years, due to specialized equipment Objective:
Photograph non-domesticated animals in their natural environment
-Be able to travel
-comfortable with the outdoors
-knowledgeable of foreign customs
Reported $35,000
2-4 years is most helpful Objective:
Capture environments not affected by man, including animals
-Be able to travel
-comfortable with the outdoors
-survival skills
Reported $35,000
2-4 years is most helpful Objective:
Photograph people and items that are staged and candid to capture the essence of a lifetime memory.
-Communicates well with others
-Work well under pressure
a portfolio is key! Objective:
Photograph objects, marine life, or people under the water
-Can safely dive
-Well versed in a variety of media
-Problem solver
-SCUBA certified diver
-@ least 2 years, due to specialized equipment Objective:
Taking photographs from a relatively high point above the earth's surface.
-Getting up in the air!
map-making photographers $60,000
some need a pilot's license

Two types: Vertical and Oblique shots Objective:
Arrange, set-up, shoot photos in a controlled setting to glamorize a product or person.
freelance to advertisement agencies
-schooling is preferred but not always required Objective:
Termed as "paparazzi", photographers who aim to capture famous individuals in candid moments
$35,000-$50,000, based on location
-schooling is preferred but not always required Objective:
Reporting newsworthy events with photographs
-Handles stress well/adaptable
freelance to national publications
-schooling is preferred but not always required -Mathematical
-Practical, yet creative
-Problem Solver
-Spatial Awareness Architect Skills: Objective:
Artists who design buildings which are functional, safe, environmentally sound, and aesthetically pleasing

4 year, bachelor's degree+ 1 year internship or 5 additional years for master's degree
License Exam Architect Objective:
To plan in outdoor space that achieves both beauty and function
Additional Skills:
-Knowledgeable about plants and their habitats
-Enjoy being outside
-Environmentally aware
4 year, bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture Landscape Architect Objective:
Civil Engineer who work with the design, construction process, upkeep, and day-to-day operation of water vessels and structures such as barges, cruise ships, and even submarines.


@ least a bachelor's degree focussed in engineering and design Naval Architect Fashion Fashion Merchandising Fashion Consultant Accessory Designer Jewelry Designer Dress Designer Makeup Artist Shoe Designer Pattern Designer Costume Designer Tailor Textile Designer Objective: to determine what items will be in the store based on analysis of shoppers, their habits, and recent trends.
Salary: $40,000-$125,000
depending on location and experience
a degree in fashion merchandising Objective: Fashion consultants work with designers and ordinary clients to help pick the best style, design, and colors that will look flattering for the client.
Salary: $50-$500 per hour
Education: most receive a fashion merchandising degree Objective: to plan the aesthetics and functionality of different accessories.
Design degree, but not required Jewelry designers will often create several different types of jewelry, but some will specialize in designing only certain types
Salary: $40,000 reported
Education: not required, but degrees in design and metalworking are helpful A dressmaker is a woman’s clothing designer who is responsible for creating the vision, design, and final dress for women.
Salary: $30,000
Education: not required A makeup artist designs the use of makeup and prosthetic on actors and actresses to either fit with the theme of the production, or give the models and actors more visible and clear facial expressions.
Salary: $50,000-$100,000
Education: opted cosmetology school They use their design skills to create sturdy, structurally sound shoes while also mixing colors, fabrics, materials, and style to create a shoe exterior that will captivate consumers.
Salary: $75,000-$80,000
Education: Fashion Design or Accessory Design school (2-4 years) Create patterns for various styles of clothing
Salary: $45,000
Education: Design Degree with a math background. Design the costumes for theatrical or cinematic productions.
Salary: $65,000-$100,000
Education: Fashion Design Degree Responsible for making, sewing, repairing, fixing, or altering clothing such as suits.
Salary: $30,000
Education: Skill based Artists who design the different structures and looks of textiles or fabrics
Education: Design Degree with focus in drawing and CAD programs Fashion Model Those who are paid to wear certain clothing in order to help promote, advertise, and showcase the clothing.
Salary: $32,000-$35,000
Education: Modeling School Fine Artists: Painter
Tattoo Artist
Comic Book Artist
Book Illustrator
Courtroom Sketch Artist
Air Brushing
Graffiti Artist
Medical Illustrator
Screen Printer Fine Artist Salary:

Salary is a very high range, based on ability, skills, and uniqueness

Fine Artist Education:
Not required, but the more experiences within the field, the better! Fine Artist Skills:
Networks well
Self Promotor
Collaborates well
Experienced Craftsman Sculptor
Wood worker
Mosiac Artist
Ice Sculter
Taxidermist Craftsman Salary:

Salary is a very high range, based on ability, skills, and uniqueness

Craftsman Artist Education:
Not required, but the more experiences within the field, the better! Culinary Arts Culinary Arts Salary:
Salary is a very high range, based on ability, skills, and location

Culinary Artist Education:
Not required, but the most successful have taken cooking classes and have a degree in the culinary arts. Food Stylist
Cake Decorator
Sous Chef
Pastry Chef
Wine Maker Dancer
Disc Jockey
Voice Over Artist
Film Director
Theater Director
Talent Agent
Set Designer
Video Editor
Foley Artist
Casting Director Performing Arts Designers Golf Couse Designer
Urban Designer
Automobile Designer
Interior Designer
Furniture Designer
Layout Designer
Toy Designer
Pool Designer
Floral Designer
Museum Exhibit Designer Art Humanities Art Teacher
Art Historian
Museum Curator
Art Therapist
Art Humanities Salary:
Salary is a very high range, based on ability, skills, and education.

Art Humanities Education:
Considering knowledge base for the career, at least a bachelor's degree is expected.

Choose an art career that interests you
Write a 3-4 page paper based on the technical points of the career, such as
What schools in general offer your degree or applicable classes?
Locate a particular artist in the field who you appreciate. Highlight the following... (if you are able to contact the artist, it would be best.)
What do you find inspiring about their work or style?

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