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dark as blood

No description

Brie Dalton

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of dark as blood

Dark As Blood Supernatural Explanitory Guide By; Brie D 1st About Angels Demons Angels Angel Pictures/Video 1st about Demons 2nd Need to Know Demon Fact Pictures of Demons/Videos Angels are a very vain, and proud. The angels are very into warfare and have a certain way of order. They are right hand to Christ because Christ is right hand to His Father, the holy Lord. Their ranking is determined by their order of creation and how much power they hold at the time of their quote on quote, "birth." Something often forgotten is that no women angels are ever mentioned in the Bible, but always seen in paintings here on Earth. This is because women were seen as safety to men at war, or scared children. The angels mentioned in the Bible are always men and always holding a weapon and ready for some type of war. They are also sinless by choice. If they planned on committing a sin, they would be thrown from Heaven like their brethern and created a fallen angel; also known as a demon. We also know that angels are beyond beautiful. When in full form, they are almost impossible to look at without human eyes burning. 2nd About Angels Witches and angels rarely get along. However, there is the occasional witch that falls for their beauty and fake smiles and the angel lures her to her death. The majority of angels are harsh and without a kind conscience. They only help when forced to by God or The Christ. Beautiful young women are their favorite kill toys. This is because these women usually turn out to be more trusting than others and makes their game easier and quicker. If they can trick a witch, though, it is seen as a trophy to them, and they will brag about the pain they enflicted. The Witch Coven created their own Council to find ways to stop these angels from harming more of their own. A treaty was made so that an angel cannot be hunted and a witch/warlock cannot be killed. The treaty is currently still intact. A child of the two groups, or a human and angel, will create a superhuman of sorts, called Nephilim. These Nephilim are stronger, faster, and can indure more pain and live longer than the normal human. Demons, like angels, are very vain but go in rank of power instead of creation and power. They, along with their leader, Loucifer/Satan, are breathtakingly beautiful and considered hard to resist. They trive on the flesh and souls of their victims and can only be caught by Demon Skilli. Something any Demon Skilli needs to know is how to trap a demon. In the cases of smaller demons, a Demon Jar can be used to trap the demon and push them down to the fires of Hades if helped by other Skilli. Our heroine, of course, does not need others. The sacred Demon Chant that works for the majority of demons is as read: Witches Their Personalities Relation To The Witch Coven and Council Trapping and Characteristics Relation To The Witch Coven and Coucil Demons occasionally find a human that they do not eat, but take advantage of. Or, in the case of more powerful demons, they need only to brush against a woman and in nine months, she bears his child. The child is born with extrodinary abilities and instantly apart of the Witch Coven because they are now a witch or warlock. Many hate their father figure due to what they did to their mother. This, and the fact that of trying to save other humans from becoming a meal, the Witch Coven's Council created the Demon Skilli, who are advanced witches/warlocks who trap the demons. he was either an angel or some time traveler
but as you continue the video, you would see it is much more than that. that WASN'T her finger... at this point they are using equiptment to speak with the demon. Not a nice demon btw. Thanks for watching!!!!!
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