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Brand Audit Report

No description

Wong HinLong

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Brand Audit Report

Agenda Background
Brand Portfolio
Brand Inventory
Brand Elements
Current Marketing Mix
Brand Exploratory
Tactical Recommendations History Brand Element Brand Names Logo/ Symbols URLs Slogan Jingles Packaging Developed by Fredrik Idestam and Leo Mechelin 1865 Innovated and maintained its position as the market leader
Symbian was Nokia’s main Smartphone OS
Android and i-OS is the major competitior 2000 2012 Renamed to be Nokia Company
entered into the business of electricity
Digital telephone, Portable phone, GSM phone [Nokia 1011 ]
EUR 31M turnover at 2000 1871
2000 Brand Portfolio 11 different series Brand Portfolio Products Dual Sim Lumia Nokia Belle Products Products Top Accessories Charging Shell Bluetooth Stereo
Headset http://www.nokia.com/ Bluetooth Headset With Wierless Charging Wireless Charging Speaker Portable USB
Charger Pricing Distribution POPs & PODs Pricing Strategy Mix Quality Price Low Low High High Economy Penetration Skimming Premium Promotion Promotion Nokia
C2-00 Nokia
C5-03 Ard $400 Ard $1,000 Nokia
Lumia Ard $3,700 Nokia
8800 Arte Ard $30,000 Tough Cheap Easy To Use Reliable First
Phone 3310 Good
Reputation Lastest
Technology Camera Durable Blue Lumia Finland Made in China Old Phone RedBull Space Window Few Apps Country
of original Snake Function Infrared Bluetooth Multiplayer White Nokia Phone case can be change Mental Map Telecommunication Company Retailers NOKIA Store Whatsapp Smart Phone POPs Music Player Camera Phone Calling Touch Screen PODs MKT 3630
Brand Management So Cheng Yik, Mark
Wong Hin Long, Ivan
Wong Yat Long, Brian
Yuen Chun Hin, Hinson 12680958
10653341 Durable Lower price Dual SIM Windows Phone NOKIA Map Voice Quality Brand Exploratory Brand Resonance Model Resonance Feeling Performance Imagery Judgement Awareness Recognition Measurement Test 1. _OK_A 6. B_A_ _ B_ R_ Y 5. I_ _ ON_ 4. _ G 3. S_ _ Y E_ _ C _ _ O N 2. S_M_ _ N_ Celebrity Endorsement
U.S.: Grant Hill
H.K.: Kandy @ Sugar Club Competitive Advertising [Name Calling]
"Don't Fight. Switch" Ads Event Advertising
Send a Nokia phone to the edge of space
Quality Spot at first place Nokia Connceting People Reinforce Brand Position Build a linkage between brand and Products Versatility
Strongly Associated
Easy to Memorize "Last Salesman" Enhance customer
"self-esteem" Recall Test Name the brands of Smartphone that you can think of? Conclusion Recognition Measurement Test Recall Test Sufficient Awareness in recognizing "NOKIA"
First priority in Purchasing Smartphone - "Apple" NOT
Available Imagery Performance Value on Performance is on average Satisfaction Trash old fashion Traditional *Korean Brand Outdated Durable No one using Bad design Low Price Long History Long Lasting Feelings Judgements Overall Comments: Mild Brand Credibility: Recall Test
Out of Consideration Brand Consideration: Brand Superiority: Low Price
Durable Trustworthy Directly Linked with the Brand Name Recommendation Products Recommendation Brand Recommendation Definition Apps. Functional/
Design Battery
Duration Diversify Researches Sodium-ion battery ReGeneration Smartphone Everything at ur Fingertips Events Marketing Let.tips Recommendation Brand ReGeneration TV Sponsorship Wish Brand Audit Report - NOKIA
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