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Prezi or PowerPoint?

This presentation will serve as an introduction to Prezi, and some of its advantages and disadvantages vis a vis PowerPoint.

Michael Coffta

on 4 August 2011

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Transcript of Prezi or PowerPoint?

Prezi or PowerPoint? Today's Objectives Cite advantages and disadvantages of Prezi Demonstrate a selection of design and development principles Discuss educational applications What is Prezi? Prezi Community Search Public Prezis Use other shared Prezis for templates Hierarchical arrangements Timelines "The zooming presentation editor" Design Considerations Outline Keep related segments close to one another Overview Frame Concept 1 Concept 4 Concept 2 Concept 3 Disadvantages Few advanced tools No audio Lives online Educational Applications Small Group Work Small Group Work Spell check Advantages Easy to develop Splash factor Minimize frittering Free Development Pointers Use Arrows Storytelling http://bit.ly/eDAVQs Allow users to comment and edit Make it work, then make it pretty Use Frames http://bit.ly/hhPqxV http://bit.ly/fq1k7Z No presenter notes Not printer friendly Motion Sickness Watch frequency of transitions Watch distance across the canvas Watch depth effects http://bit.ly/efn0pv References Somlai-Fischer, A. (2011, March 9). How to create a great Prezi. Retrieved March 31, 2011, from Prezi website, www.prezi.com Chicioreanu, T. (2010). An awesome online presentation tool - Prezi. Petroleum - Gas University of Ploiesti Bulletin, Educational Sciences Series, 62(1A), 202-209. Retrieved from EBSCOhost Academic Search Complete online database Maher, S. (2010). Prezi http://www.prezi.com. Technical Services Quarterly. 27,3: 322-323 Comparison chart – PowerPoint and Prezi. (2011, March 22). Retrieved March 28, 2011, from http://ltlatnd.wordpress.com/2011/03/22/comparison-chart-powerpoint-and-prezi/ Non-linear progression http://bit.ly/9aAP4Y http://bit.ly/bSwxf7 Frames now function as containers Michael Coffta, MBA, MLS, MSIT
TALE Presentation
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
August 3, 2011 ipad Issues http://prezi.com/ipad/ Prezi Meeting
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