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DARE to Revise

4 easy ways to remember the most important parts of revising essays.

Tamara Britton

on 4 April 2018

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Transcript of DARE to Revise

to Revise Your Essay
Delete excess to avoid repetition.
Delete repetitive words and replace with pronouns. (Annotation Verbs)
Delete anything off-topic.
Delete "you" and replace with 3rd person pronoun.
Delete the unclear or clarify it.
Add transitions for flow.
Add explanations for clarification.
Add examples to explain.
Add support to strengthen.
Rearrange topics by order of importance.
Rearrange subtopics to the paragraph where they belong.
Rearrange subtopics listed in thesis statement to match order of paper.
Check for spelling errors.
Locate sentence structure errors: comma splices, run-ons, fragments...
Find verb tense inconsistency.
Discover subject/verb and subject/pronoun disagreement.
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