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Digital Portfolio

No description

Britney Levitre

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Digital Portfolio

Math 14 Budget/Expenditure Spreadsheet for 1.1 (Financial Math)
12th Grade

Expectation 1: Problem Solving
Digital Portfolio
Create an excel spreadsheet based on real life situations
Annual Salary
Buy a house/mortgage
Vehicle/vehicle taxes
What was the task?
I used math and reasoning skills to determine the formulas I would be using. Also I had to troubleshoot when something did not come out to the correct answer.
Achieving Proficiency:
2.2 - Write Clearly and Concisely
CCA #2 World History
9th Grade
Expectation 2: Communication
I was asked to create a Children's Story on an Ancient Greece/Roman topic. I wrote a Rhyming story about Alexander the Great.
What was the Task?
I showed proficiency by writing a story that a younger child would understand and be able to learn from. The rhyming made it fun for the child and allowed the facts to be written in easy to understand ways.
Achieving Proficiency:
About Me:
2nd Degree Black Belt
Enrolled in and have taken AP and EEP classes
National Honor Society
Varsity Tennis
Volunteer at Advanced Self Defense and Tennis Coaching
Expectation 3: Personal-Social Responsibility
3.3 - Participate in Community Service
Community Service and School Activities
12th Grade
Expectation 4: Digital Tools
Graphic Arts PowerPoint
Period 5 - Graphic Arts I UW 1
10th Grade
Individual Learning Plan (ILP)
To set personal, academic and career goals means creating guidelines and being determined to achieve something in the future.
What was the Task?
I was asked to help out at the Advanced Self Defense Summer Camp. I had to organize activities, help supervise and teach the students the techniques.
Achieving Proficiency:
I showed that I am personally/socially responsible because I devoted time from my summer to help these students learn and have fun. Year round I also give up my class time to teach the other students and get them ready for their next belt.
What was the Task?
I was asked to create a PowerPoint showing the last four assignments I did during class and also explaining the tools I used.
Achieving Proficiency:
I showed proficiency by creating a PowerPoint to show the projects that I had completed. My digital tools were also shown through the projects I completed because they were done on Adobe Photoshop.
Post-Secondary Goals:
Becker College
Stay in-touch
Job On-Campus
Vet Tech
Veterinary School
Personal Goals:
Improving Tennis Skills and Karate
Stay in touch with friends
Be social
3.1A-D - Make informed life and career decisions
Completed throughout my high school career
"Yes it is cliché but ever since I was six I have wanted to be a veterinarian and I know with no doubt in my mind I am going to become one."
Academic Goals:
Get all A's and B's
Honor Role
Become National Honor's Society member
Graduate High School
by Britney Levitre
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