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kFC ethical dilemmas

No description

azhar saleh

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of kFC ethical dilemmas

Ethical dilemmas facing KFC

1. Cruel chicken farming

2. Using unhealthy cooking products

3. Advertisement mislead
Cruel chicken farming

KFC is the world's largest chicken fast-food chain in the world with more than 9900 stores at an average annual consumption of nearly 800 million chickens in all over the world. In order to reduce costs, KFC chicken suppliers kept the chickens in overcrowded cages and given drug to urging their growth so that they are usually too heavy and can't even walk.

Solution ans Suggestions
1. KFC should clearly marked on the number of calories, nutrients, energy and nutrient density and the consumption of different age groups.

2. KFC can advocacy the healthy diet and exercise ideas in their ads, indicating the nutritional information, educating parents a correct idea and providing children the correct healthy diet knowledge.

Third issue: Advertisement mislead
advertising communication play an important role in our society. As we all know, fast food is high fat and calorie food,long-term consumption will lead to obesity, But fast-food ads never mentioned these issues, always promoted eating fast food is a modern lifestyle and fashionable, the food is fresh and tasty, nutrition and health. This is a food culture and lifestyle misleading from advertising, especially to young people and children.

About KFC:
KFC is a fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, United States (US). It is the world's second largest restaurant chain overall after McDonald's
the solution:
1. KFC Company should pay enough attention on this case, otherwise KFC will end up facing enormous obstacles from public.

2. KFC should made a commitment to require supplier farms to take measures to improve animal breeding environment, not forced feeding, not cruelty to animals and reduce suffer as much as possible when slaughtering process, or they will stop purchasing from them.

kFC ethical dilemmas
Using unhealthy cooking products

It has been observed that KFC is using oil which contains Tran's fatty acids and contain in monosodium glutamate, which is MSG. This is noted to increase cholesterol and even increased the risk of having heart disease and obesity.

KFC should start research on healthier ingredient like offering roaster chicken instead of fried chicken and provide low fat, low calories product to consumer. Also, KFC should develop and provide healthy product by using alternative oils which do not contains Tran's fatty acids and reducing the amount of MSG increasing the amount of protein in the process.

The issue:
the solution:

- First misleading ad says:
"has the human body the necessary carbohydrates, is a daily non-integral part of the menu." This ad exaggerated the Kentucky Fried Chicken features.

- Second misleading ad:
shows a young chef says: "I want to cook the most delicious food, secret is use the correct materials, like this fresh chicken". Ad adds the narration: "Kentucky Fried Chicken, fresh meat. Every store, Everyday." But the Truth is KFC chicken are delivered to each stores three times per week.
Thank you
khloud Al-ogaiel & Azhar Al-Sumait
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