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Public Limited Companies

No description

Aysha Umarji

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Public Limited Companies

Companies By Aysha Umarji & Hawa Patel Starter Definition Does any body think they know what is meant by a public limited company? A Public limited company is... A business owned by shareholders. Shares in the business can be bought or sold publicly. To show that that a company is public limited they must use PLC or public limited company in the title. To identify the advantages of a public limited company To know what is meant by a public limited company and know at least 3 examples To identify the disadvantages of a public limited company Objectives & Aims There are many advantages to becoming a PLC company. Advantages These are some logos to businesses, pick out the ones you think are public limited companies. Limited Liability Offering Shares To Sell Funds Funds are an advantage as if the company need to expand then the money can be raised very easily. There are many disadvantages of PLC company Disadvantages Cost Financial Information Dividends Taking-Over Shareholders The cost of setting up as a Public limited company is complicated and expensive The general public is allowed to copy or see the company's account. Shareholders except high standards from the business and want a share of the profits. Taking over is a possibility fir other business to take over the PLC. Share holders only have a little say in how the business is run. If the company turns bankrupt, they will only have limited liability. Companies can offer shares to sell, so then more people can invest in the business to make it expand. Plenary Starbucks WHSmith Chrysler Facebook These are some of the logos you have seen before see if you would like to change any of answers now you have more knowledge. BT Microsoft One example of a public limited company is McDonalds.

McDonalds is a PLC company because anyone can buy some shares of the company from the stock markets. Example 1 Marks & Spencer's are also another example of a PLC company.

Marks & Spencer's is a PLC company as it also offers it's shares to the general public to sell. Example 2
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