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Business Plan

for Mogul Solutions, LLC. Created on 11/18/2013.

Zogol Logoz

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Business Plan

Table of Contents
4 - Cover Letter
5 - Statement of Purpose
6 - Executive Summary
7 - History and Background
8 - Goals and objectives
9 - Products and Services
10 - Form of Ownership
11 - Management and Staffing
12 - Marketing
Business Plan
Statement of Purpose
Management and Staffing
Gannon, Austin, Warren, and Trevor all have education in either Finance, Marketing, or Entrepreneurship. Together, they have more than 40 years of experience in the business world, including over 20 years in management and leadership.

Mogul Solutions will also hire 4 secretaries/accountants for our office after our first fiscal year.
Form of Ownership
Products and Services We Will Offer
Premade logo and domain registration - $360.00
90 Days of business consulting with contact at least once a week for two hours - $2,000.00
60 Days of specialized consultation inside of your field with contact at least once a week for two hours - $1,400.00
20 Hours of team bonding and activities for $2,800.00
Personal strategy guide and business planing for 4 hours - $600.00

History and Background
Goals and Objectives
Executive Summary
Our business concept is to provide high quality, low cost, business consulting and start up preparation. This will include helping others form a business plan, logo, and business name. We will consult with existing businesses and lead team building exercises as well.
Our sales costs and profits will be discussed in depth further through this presentation, but we plan on having $232,000.00 worth of sales in the first year, with a cost of ~$65,000 for a profit of $167,000 split among 5 shares. One share goes back into the company, and one share goes to each of the investors. Each share is worth an even 20% (roughly $33,400.00). We already have land and a building to rent, but we will need $10,000 in financing to cover initial expenses.
13 - Current and Projected Financial Statements
14 - Startup Costs
15 - Forecast of Revenue
16 - Forecast of Expenses
17 - Cash Flow Statement
18 - Income Statements
19 - Balance Sheet
20 - Additional Elements
21 - Closing Slide
Cover Letter
CEO - Gannon Joyner
CFO - Austin Ballou
Austin began his career at Subway as a regular sandwich maker. Working up the corporate latter, he later became a master chef in sandwiches. Austin earned his MBA and also majored in Finance at Stanford. With the knowledge Austin learned at Stanford, he founded Hallmark Greeting Cards. At a red carpet party, Austin met Mark Zuckerburg and later purchased Facebook. In fear of his competitors, he also bought every other social network known to man. Austin was robbed and lost 52 billion dollars to the Mexican Cartel (they don't mess around) and currently works as a cook at McDonalds. Austin wants to use his knowledge in business to help aspiring entrepreneurs. All of his proceeds will go to homeless shelters and he will continue to work third shift at McDonalds, while living in the largest castle in the world.
CPO - Warren Hamilton
Warren was arrested at age 14 for grand theft auto. He was sent to prison for 25 to life, but he escaped and the courts let him go. While incarcerated, Warren gave prison tats and earned $300,000.00 but lost it all in the Casino. Needing some quick cash, he achieved a job at Holiday Inn as a male maid. At the age of 17, Warren was already a manager at the Holiday Inn. Seeking his passion, he won the Florida State Boat Racing Competition and was granted $1,000,000.00 as compensation. Following his notable victory, Warren became the chief marketer for Smart Car. Using his research and engineering skills he learned while racing boats, Warren founded Bugatti and Tom Ford.
CMO - Trevor Slack
At the age of 12, Trevor started as a local gardener at a tree nursery. His hands were worn and his knees were weak, so he got a job at Twin Dragon as head chef making his own special creation, "Dank Chicken." Trevor received his education at Paul Mitchell's Hair Salon at the age of 32. As his life was growing old, Trevor became the CEO of his own clothing line, Herban Legends which was later renamed to Itanimulli. Slack later purchased the Miami Heat and the Smithsonian Museums. Trevor used his earnings to purchase FUBU, Coogi, and Versace. He is now on Forbe's "Top 10 Richest People on Earth" list.
At the age of 8, Gannon read the entire Encyclopedia, A-Z. Gannon graduated high school at the age of 15 and was a free lance writer for the Cincinnati Enquirer. Attending Transylvania University, Gannon achieved his MBA and he also majored in Entrepreneurship and had a minor in Economics at the age of 19. Just three months out of college, Gannon created Gannon-ade, an energy drink endorsed by the NBA. Gannon's most notable achievement is improving Einstein's theory of relativity and the discovery of dark matter and black holes. Gannon married Oprah Winfrey for her money in 2023. Unfortunately, Oprah passed away in a Tsunami while visiting Antartica and Gannon now has 527 billion dollars.
Pay 60% of our debt off by the end of our first fiscal year.
Contract an advertising consultant for one month to help us analyze and capitalize on our customer's buying trends by September of 2014.
Redesign the customer service research process to include new questionnaires and incentives by June of 2014.
Get everything ready to set up two new locations (find staffing, materials, loans, calculate costs, etc.) by February of 2016.
Attend 12 Chamber of Commerce luncheons by December of 2015.
Hold our own business expo for aspiring entrepreneurs by March of 2016.
Invest in additional equipment.
Establish two new locations and have them in full operation by January of 2018.
Have a set customer base and establish a steady flow of customers.
Invest our earnings in the company to expand.
Have a set employee base that plans to stay with the company.
What is the type of Business? Mogul is a retail/service business.
What will your business do specifically? Mogul will help entrepreneurs start their business by helping design logos, marketing the company, and establishing a social media presence.
What will be the preliminary form of ownership? Mogul will be a Limited Liability Company (LLC).
What will be your target market? Entrepreneurs starting a new business will be Mogul’s target market.
The partners are Gannon Joyner, Austin Ballou, Warren Hamilton, and Trevor Slack.
There are no shareholders.
What unmet need will you fill? We will create logos and business plans for entrepreneurs of any gender, age, ethnicity, family size, marital status, and income level in order to eliminate the hourly costs of graphic designers and logos that they are unsatisfied with.
What will make you unique? Mogul will be unique because unlike current logo companies, we will sell the domain name and all social media handles. Mogul will also sell merchandise such as pens, shirts, and other merchandise online. Aside from online sales, we will have locations in major cities where you can sit down and speak with a representative who will be the one designing your business logo and social media presence
Current and Projected Financial Statements
Start Up Costs
Forecast of Revenue
Forecast of Expenses
Cash Flow Statement
Closing Slide
Our potential customers will include small business owners, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and angel investors.
Our market is fairly large, there are always starting and struggling businesses.
We plan on easing into the market by going to local chamber luncheons and discussing with other business owners.
Performance - Our efficiency is measured by professionals to be better than our competition.
Price - Our price is at least $200.00 less than our competitors for a similar product. We also do price matching.
Quality - With the highest trained professionals in the tristate, Mogul Solutions will deliver the best quality available.
Promotion - Using online SEO services, we will ensure that Mogul Solutions has the most cost effective advertising so that we don't raise prices on our customers to accommodate
Reliability - If Mogul Solutions misses a meeting, we have a guarantee that you will receive twice of what you should have on time.
Public Image or Reputation - By attending luncheons and SBA meetings, we will be a reputable source for business consultation
Distribution - Since we are a service based company, we will not have difficulty in distribution.

Total: $30,000.00
Interoffice Supplies (Monthly)
Total: $4,150.00
Total: $1,225.00
Interoffice Appliances
Total: $2,690.00
Total: $390.00
Total: $14,000.00
Utilities (Monthly)
Total: $3,095.00
Our risks include not making enough money in the first year to cover our expenses and loan payments. However, we do not have much liability so the risks are minimal. Our start-up costs are included in the next slide. Competition cutting prices could hurt us severely and force us to reevaluate if it is worth the investment of price matching to satisfy our customers. Costs exceeding projections could be a large problem, as well as demand for our services slowly declining.
Thank you for watching.
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