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Power Corrupts

No description

Lindsey Ward

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Power Corrupts

Power Corruption
"Followers are willing to collude and make such expectations saying its okay because he/she is the leader." (How Power Corrupts Leaders). Followers will do anything to make their leader happy since they have all the power. Justin Bieber has a lot of power in his hands and he spit on his fans from the top of the balcony in a hotel. Justin Bieber claims he didn't spit on them.

Evil leaders is a type of leader who is very self-centered. Brutus in Julius Caesar was a leader who only thought of himself for the power he achieved. Brutus had a plan to kill Caesar so that he could have all of the power that Caesar had.

Leadership cont'd
Toxic leaders is another leadership type. They are people who leave their followers. Andrew Fastow left his followers to go to jail because of a complex web page that was created.
Power Corrupts
Having power is a privilege and it is something that shouldn't be abused. Power corrupts by receiving the power and using it for personal gain. There are many ways how power can corrupt but here are just a few.

Character Traits
A manipulative character trait means that the person with power is influencing the people surrounding them. Rob Ford influenced the people around him by saying that drugs are okay to do because he was doing them
An impulsive character trait means a person who does something without thinking about it. Miley Cyrus was getting back at her ex fiance by doing provocative dance moves on stage because she knows he doesn't like them.
Andrew Fastow was a business
man at a financial office and he had made a complex web page for his workers to cover up their huge losses. He went to jail for
6 years and 2 years of probation.
Character traits cont'd
A self-centered character trait is someone who only thinks of themselves and no one else. Caesar from Julius Caesar was self-centered because when people would tell him something to try and help him, he didn't listen to them because he thought he knew what was right.
Breaking the Rules
Doing drugs when having power in your hands is breaking the rules. Rob Ford smoked crack cocaine and partied with other people while being a mayor.
Rob ford is the mayor of Toronto and he admits that he did all the things the press is saying
Vandalism with or without power is breaking the rules but with power there is more talk going around which leads to corruption. Justin Bieber egged his neighbors house and didn't even offer to pay for the damage.
Breaking the Rules cont'd
Murder is a major rule that should never be broken. Casca was part of a senate that planned on killing Caesar. Casca was the first one to stab Caesar and commit murder.
Power comes with many responsibilities that need to be met so that here is no corruption. Power corrupts by having the power used for personal gain. Leadership, character traits and breaking the rules are just a few reasons of how power can cause corruption. When someone has power they should be a role model not an abuser.
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