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Roy Lichtenstein

thins is about famous pop artist painter Roy Lichtenstein.

noah kinney

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Roy Lichtenstein

AMERICAN POP ARTIST FAST FORWARD TO THE ARROW ON THE VIDEO Just watch the Beginning (UP UNTILL THE THE LINE) ROY LICHTENSTEIN Oh, Jeff…I Love You, Too…But… Hopeless, 1963 WHAAM Look mickey! BLAAM Roy Lichtenstein was an American pop artist. He liked to paint in the simple "comic" style to display the world. This made his paintings dramatic. He wanted to achieve the industrial look of a print in his paintings. Later in his life, he made sculptures. "one of the things a cartoon dose is express violent emotional and passion in a completely mechanical and removed style." While fighting in World War II, Lichtenstein drew maps. This influenced his paintings. He made a few war like paintings of fighter jets and other things. Roy Lichtenstein was a painter and sculpture. He used oil and solvent based acrylic paints on oversized canvases. His sculptures were usually metal and abstract. Other pop artists of the time were
Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. Keith Haring Andy Warhol Roy Lichtenstein was a pretty normal guy. He wasn't crazy or eccentric, he just liked to do what he loved. He liked to paint the world and what he saw but also what he liked. He grew up in the art world, went to college in the art world, and taught in the art world. "When things really do happen to you its like watching T.V.- you don't feel anything, but then everything is sort of artificial. I don't know when the artificial stops and the real starts." -Roy Lichtenstein Did I like or dislike this artist? ... I LOVED him. What's not to like about Roy Lichtenstein?
He did cool paintings that make you think.

I also think that he and I are ALOT alike.
I agree with what he thinks and sees about his art. He just painted things that looked cool and that he thought were interesting.
He loved what he did, and didn't paint for money.
He just did it because it was fun. "My work isn't about Form. Its about seeing. I'm excited about seeing things, And im interested in the way I think other people see things."
-Roy Lichtenstein Roy Lichtenstein
Born in New York City, 1927
Was married twice and had 3 sons
Went to college at Ohio State University
Faught in World War II 1943 - 46
Taught art at Ohio State
Died in New York City, 1997 Roy grew up in a Jewish household, on the west side of the city. He attended elementry school at the Franklin School for Boys. It was there that he discovered his love for art. When he got older,he loved to listen to jazz music at the Apollo theater, in Harlem. "I'm not really sure what social message my art carries, if any. And I don't really want it to carry one. I'm not interested in the subject matter to try to teach society anything, or to try to better our world in any way." - Roy Lichtenstein
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