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by afsana and rema

rema harbi

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of SINGERS

JUSTIN BIEBER Justin Bieber started singing when he was young he played Drums when he was only two.Justin went to drum session to learn more beats. Justin was the first young drummer playing in the Jazz concert.As he grew older he started playing in streets and also singing on the streets, people were surrounding round him.So his mum put him in youtube.Justin Bieber sang to Usher and Usher taught him how to do his own videos so he got more and more hits on youtube. Selena Gomez is one of the famous singers and actress she acts for kids channels like wizards of waverly place.Selena Gomez has made lots of commercials too. CHERYL COLE 1. How old was Justin when he played the drums? SINGERS OLLY MURS Oliver Stanley Murs is
known as the famous
songwriter he started
of as a singer in X factor
auditions and he got three yeses
at the final two he was versing a hard
and good singer but he won the X factor
and he had lots of hits in you tube and
you can also see Olly Murs in TV in the Xtra factor with another lady. Cheryl cole is a famous
singer, her birthday is in June
30 she used to live in Newcastle.
Cheryl Cole was one of the judges in the x factor.Cheryl Cole has loads of hits in youtube. SELENA GOMEZ 2.where did Olly Murs audition? 3.where did Cheryl Cole use to live?

4.What was the name of selena Gomez's kids programme? Wizards of waverly place HERES ONE QUIZ http://prezi.com/dvbmcjkzt_jv/edit/#72 Justin was only 2 Olly Murs auditioned in Xfactor Cheryl Cole used to live in Newcastle.
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